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About Time star Domhnall Gleeson revealed a moment in the 2013 romantic comedy about director Richard Curtis’ cut.

About Time Movie

About Time Movie

Speaking to PeopleTV, the star talked about the wedding scene in the film where newlyweds Tim (Gleeson) and Mary (Rachel McAdams) leave the church and are caught in the wind and rain, causing Maria’s veil to catch on the door.

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Tim goes to help him, trying to get the red stuff off his face, but Gleeson sees that it could be misinterpreted as something more sinister.

“It looks like I’m trying to hang Rachel McAdams with this red curtain. It looks like I want to kill her,” he said. “I remember telling Richard Curtis that we shouldn’t hide it, I think it looks too cruel.”

Curtis assured Gleeson that viewers would understand what he wanted to do with the show, and it did.

Gleeson said the film was “one of the funniest scenes” of his life. “It was sunny and the work was about love and it was amazing,” he said.

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It should be more interesting than it is. What is required of a carefree idiot’s struggle with love and life is the most important part of many games…

“In this case, we have Frank (Brian Gleeson), a red-haired Irish boy who lives with his mother in Dublin for a long time, and his love life is chaotic and complicated. The results are unfortunately not always funny because, frankly, it’s too stupid and selfish for us to settle.”

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About Time Movie

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I can only give one piece of advice to anyone who is married. After all, we are all the same. We all get old and talk about the same things most of the time. But try to marry a good man. And he is a good man with a good heart. I am not proud of many things in my life, but I am proud to be the father of my child.

It’s easy to be fooled into believing that Richard Curtis’s About Time is another offshoot of the British romantic comedy from the director/writer behind Notting Hill,

Yes, this movie has a lot of lines and characters from the Curtis film (which I have to admit is one of my favorites) and the movie is very romantic and funny, the kind of cute British humor that I find in Curtis’s film along with this film. his ability to walk the fine line between cheesy and really sweet, always being on the right side.

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The big difference in Curtis’s creation is that Tim finds out on his twenty-first birthday that he belongs to a generation of people who can travel through time. Like romance, time travel in movies is on the wane, but Curtis has joined a small group of works that allow time travel to fuel a larger goal: the roar of Kurt Vonnegut.

And David Lynch’s metamorphosis Lost Highways, to name just two, where time travel is central but overshadowed by the larger elements.

, the passage of time allows the crippled and lonely Tim to cultivate the kindness his father loves; without his ability to improvise, Tim would be nothing more than a sad joke for his film-length comedy.

About Time Movie

Instead, Tim finds, loses, and finds Mary (Rachel McAdams) again – and it happens faster and faster in the film. This is our first clue that this movie isn’t about Tim and Mary (although their story is sweet, weird, and fun).

About Time (2013)’ Film Poster Redesign On Behance

When Tim becomes a husband and father himself, the story returns again and again to Dad and Tim – men bound by a secret gift (or curse) and a human weakness that many men share, their inability to connect with the world and others. people full of health. Although many things are fine and should be

The plot has many moments of suspense, the real possibility of disaster, and Tim realizes that his long journey has very difficult limits and little chance for Tim to change (the first sex scene is obvious, but still good, mainly because we love Tim and Mary).

It’s a beautiful and poignant film, and the passage of time slowly reveals itself to Tim and the audience as just a vehicle for the film’s main conflict – which Tim makes clear during his father’s lecture:

And so he revealed to me his secret path to happiness. The first part of the two-part plan was to live a normal life, to live everyday life like everyone else. But then came the second part of father’s plan. They make me live every day almost exactly the same. The first time is all the conflicts and worries that prevent us from realizing how sweet the world can be, but the second time to realize it. OK man. Let’s try it.

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He reveals that he belongs to a different generation with better moments – pieces that go back and forth between Emily and the director of events in Thornton Wilder’s movie.

In Wilder’s play, Emily matures from childhood to falling in love, marriage, and her own unexpected death. Finally, Emily looks at her life in the review from the outside and exclaims, “I can’t look at everything clearly.” Then he turns to the stage manager and asks desperately: “Is there anyone who realizes life when it is alive – every moment, every minute?” And the stage manager replies, “No – perhaps saints and poets – others do.”

And finally, I think I’ve learned one last lesson from my time travel; and I went much further than my father: The truth is that now I never travel, not even for one day, I just try to live every day as if I will return to it one day to enjoy it. as if it was the last day of my wonderful, ordinary life.

About Time Movie

The human condition is full of difficulties, and often the greatest truth seems to be the simplest when it eludes us. I’m not optimistic that this last call for any of us to “look at everything carefully” will work, and I’m also not sure that we’ll be able to do it well if we can all step back for another shot. – as Father and Tim do very well in the movie.

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It speaks to the human heart in a way that reminds us of the greatest moments of being fully human. It’s the kind of movie that makes me want to be next to someone I love, and I’m watching this movie for maybe the sixteenth time – like a scene from Christopher Isherwood’s A Single Man: “The scene is missing Jim, who is lying next to him. on the other side of the bed, and reading; both busy in their books, yet well aware of each other’s presence.”

Life is one chance and nothing is guaranteed. Being human is painful and we are always better off if we look strong enough, reach out and hold on.

It is up to us to kiss for the first time, to say “I love you” or, without the need for a second chance:

Mr. Tim: I used to think my phone was old and ugly, but suddenly it became my most precious thing. Maria: Do you really love me? Even my dress? Tim: I like your dress. Mary: And, uh, my hair. Not too brown? Tim: I like brown. Mary: My clothes are new. Mr. Tim: Your style is good. Fringe is the best choice. A few years ago, Richard Curtis, author of such masterful guilt-filled thrillers as Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill, began to wonder what it all meant.

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The occasion was a meeting with an old friend in London, where the casual conversation took a sudden turn.

“We talked about how happy we were, and when he asked me the question, I was surprised that I said ‘No,'” said Curtis, a 56-year-old man.

And while it wasn’t clear what was wrong – poor hearing is often the target – Mr. Curtis decided what might be good.

About Time Movie

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