Amsterdam Movie

Amsterdam Movie – Starring: Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Chris Rock, Anna Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, Timothy Olyphant, Taylor Swift, Rami Malek, Robert De Niro…

Two World War I veterans are accused of murdering a high-society woman in 1930s New York and become embroiled in a political conspiracy in an attempt to prove their innocence. Russell’s ambitious film mixes genres, with mixed results.

Amsterdam Movie

Amsterdam Movie

With Amsterdam, we’ve reached the fall of medium-budget films before the franchise tanks invade cinemas for the Christmas blockbuster season. It’s a stunningly shot film, the design and costume details are never out of date, laid out in reds and browns with amazing detail. The cast is the cream of the crop of what Tinseltown has to offer and the acting is solid from everyone, throughout.

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Setting the film on the lower fringes of society among New York’s elite, against a backdrop of social and racial inequality, David O. later touches on themes such as the rise of American fascism, forced sterilization, white supremacy. Russell is nothing if not ambitious. , and criticism of capitalism. , even to the point of killing mothers. Formally speaking, the film runs with a fractured timeline, jumps back and forth without jerks, and spans multiple storylines.

Amsterdam begins in New York, with Bell’s injured Dr. We are introduced to Berndsen, who treats war veterans, gets lucky and self-medicates, and soon becomes embroiled in the plot of his friend, attorney Harold Woodman (Washington). She is hired by Liz Mickens (a brief but entertaining appearance by Taylor Swift) to investigate whether her father, Berndsen, and an old war general, Lodeman, have been poisoned. Soon after, Liz Mickens is murdered, and Berndsen and Woodman find themselves on the wrong end of a police investigation.

A flashback to the war, in which Berndsen and Woodman make a pact to care for each other, hospitalize the wounded and have their wounds treated by Valerie (Margot Robbie), an artist, takes them to Amsterdam, where they briefly live together in the post-war euphoria of a free environment. .

Back in New York, the plot continues and accelerates as Berndsen and Woodman reunite with Valerie, who, with the help of another general, De Niro, is caught up in a massive conspiracy until they figure it out for the rest of the film. The story revolves around the Business Plot, a moment in American history that would have allowed for a loose, free-jazz mix of historical facts.

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The film is a strange mix. A screwball comedy that doesn’t go well, a murder mystery that’s clever but otherwise silly (somewhat reminiscent of the elaborate and structured Gosford Park), a political intrigue without thrills. Her ambition to do all these things gets in her own way, creating funny moments, but never landing on the right thing and feeling indecisive. Lightness where depth should be; The film has plenty of singing legends, and the thinly veiled contemporary critique of capitalism and police brutality does nothing but make the film heavy, preachy and preachy where it shouldn’t be.

Go Act – The cast delivers rock-solid performances of characters reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s neuroticism, with Rami Malek turning talkies into a silent film star with a transatlantic accent. As a group, they simply wander into place; While occasional comedy duo Bill and Washington star, Margot Robbie adds her signature sparkle.

The total score is not the same. It’s a funny movie at times, ambitious but not well executed, charming but especially heartwarming, not superficial. The unfolding plot of the characters feels too big to engage with and lacks credibility. It’s funny in places, and the runtime goes by quickly, but it’s still a weird mix of what it wants to do and only partially achieves.

Amsterdam Movie

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What Is The Movie Amsterdam On Hbo Max About?

We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Last week saw the release of the historical drama Amsterdam. The film was distributed by Disney’s 20th Century Studios and directed by Academy-nominated writer/director David Oh.

The film features a star-studded cast of Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Chris Rock, Mike Myers, Michael Shannon, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldana, Rami Malek, Robert De Niro and many other A-list stars. . Even an artist.

The film is a historical drama centered on the 1933 “business plot” conspiracy theory which posits that a number of businessmen attempted to overthrow President Roosevelt in a coup led by military veterans, not unlike how Mussolini or Hitler came to power. Europe.

With so many legendary actors and a famous writer/director, this movie must be a masterpiece, right? Well… let’s just say it was definitely a thing.

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The film opens with Bert Berendensen (Christian Bale), a World War I veteran who becomes a doctor helping other veterans. He is a close friend of lawyer Harold Woodsman (John David Washington). The two are hired by Elizabeth Menkins (Taylor Swift) to find out how her father Bill Menkins died. They discover that he must have been poisoned and murdered when Elizabeth is found, and the two are convicted of her murder.

Burt enlists the help of his wife (from whom the two are separated) to help clear their names. He remembers that Elizabeth was a wealthy family known in the upper class world as the “Woz”. Bert and Harold visit Tom Fozzie (Rami Malek) and discover that their old friend Valerie (Margot Robbie) is his sister. Valerie was a nurse he had met in Europe helping in an Amsterdam hospital. The three become close friends and form a pact. They haven’t seen her in over a decade.

After meeting Tom, he tells them that they must meet with General Giles Dillenbeck (Robert De Niro) (based on the real-life General Smedley Butler) to help clear up their names. While spending time together, Valerie and Harold meet and chase Elizabeth’s attacker. They found a decontamination center with equipment bearing strange symbols. They meet Burt and bring him to a location where they meet Paul (Mike Myers) and Henry (Michael Shannon), two government agents who previously helped Burt and Harold when they needed plastic surgery years ago.

Amsterdam Movie

He believes that the mob, inspired by recent European activity, is trying to take over the US government, and that Bill Menkins knew about it and killed him for it. In an attempt to woo these men, they approach General Gilles Dillenbeck and persuade him to speak at an upcoming veterans party Bert is hosting.

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At the party they meet some of the conspirators and learn that Tom was also a member and ordered the deaths of Bill and Elizabeth. When the assassin tries to kill Jill, Harold and Valerie stop him. Tom is captured and our three main characters celebrate their victory. Harold and Valerie agree to leave America while Burt stays behind and falls in love with fellow medical examiner Irma (Zoe Saldana).

While the film is beautifully shot and has a lot of star power behind it, how the film tells its story feels very lacking. Throughout the film, we cut past events out of sequence and Christian Bale’s character narrates parts of the film while remaining silent at other times.

The length of the film doesn’t help either as it clocks in at 134 minutes with very little action and a lot of walking and talking. While the story is there, the execution feels very unfocused and inconsistent with itself as to how to tell its story.

Film is a work. Although it was barely 2 hours, it felt like 3 hours. Acting can be very good in some scenes and very fake in others. Not to mention that some political commentary can rub some people the wrong way. Despite being a fictionalized version of true events, some would call it “altered history”, although it is clearly fictional.

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If you like World War II political dramas, you’ll love this one. But for the general audience it’s a disturbing, confusing mess.

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Amsterdam Movie

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