Baby Blues Movie

Baby Blues Movie – Ever since the trailer for Stuart Gordon’s Dolls scared me to death as a kid, I’ve always had a thing for creepy dolls. I once dragged my poor mother to see Bride of Chucky at the cinema; Full Moon Pictures is a national treasure. When it comes to dolls that kill people, any good taste I pretend to have goes out the window. Of course, Po-Chih Leong’s Baby Blues has a special place in my heart.

Not to be confused with the 2008 American horror film of the same name, this melancholy follows a composer named Tao (Raymond Lam) and his wife, who move into a new house where they find a doll supposedly left behind by the previous owners. . Soon after, Tao writes a “death song” and every idol who listens to it has a mysterious accident. (The one involving a guitar string puts the Death from the Final Destination movies to shame.) Is the song somehow related to the doll? Tao is morbid and extremely unhappy? I couldn’t tell you: the movie never resolves that plot thread.

Baby Blues Movie

Baby Blues Movie

This inability to implement any of his ideas is the fundamental problem with Baby Blues. He sets up all sorts of interesting events that may or may not be due to the doll’s influence, and then provides no evidence at all. Is the doll really possessed by the soul of a dead baby, Jimmy? If so, why did the doll act so strangely sooner than they expected? Did he somehow cause the pregnancy? The doll’s intricate backstory explains almost everything, but it still raises burning questions with no answers. Perhaps the writer was looking for some ghost story-style ambiguity, a la Talkie Tina in the Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll.” However, instead of asking “Is the doll alive or not?” (and honestly, “Living Doll” works fine either way), I’m asking “Why is Tao forcing idol singers to listen to this awful song?” and “Why is that what idol singers like?” and “What do people who subliminally call for death have to do with this doll?” and “Where’s the special effects budget in all of this?”

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Thank God the doll acts like a normal doll most of the time, because the effects are terrible. When Tao sees “Jimmy” slowly walking across the ceiling, the movement is too strange to be scary and not funny enough to be funny. It’s badly done.

Baby Blues could have been a creepy ghost story or, failing that, so funny it’s just as bad as it is good, but the movie has too many interesting ideas that it never addresses. Maybe the writer expects me to be smarter than I am. Anyway, Baby Blues confuses me more than it scares me.

Author of Say No to Drugs, writer for Blumhouse, Dread Central, Horror Novel Reviews, and Horror Movie Addict. Next, we are in selection B! This is a dark choice and I don’t even know why I started it. Maybe it was just something for background noise when I was writing the posts and then my time ran out and I thought it might be a good idea to revisit it for this series. So here we are with Baby Blues, a Hong Kong horror film. There’s a reason I rarely watch Hong Kong horror, and that’s because most of the time it’s kind of bad. If a movie can’t scare me, then the movie is really bad because I scare so easily.

Before I get into the review, I’d like to say that I’ll be working hard for the rest of the month to try and include as many movies as possible from 2015. Which means trying to post some of the 2015 movies. gearing up for awards season as most of them are probably still in theaters but i usually try to catch up on a few more movies from the year before just to feel a bit more current so other than netflix is ​​in a zone of 2015 (as far as my choice allows), there will be more movie reviews than usual. I know this because when I was writing this, I had already seen a few.

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When a young couple moves into a house, they find a mysterious doll that changes their lives forever.-IMDB

First of all, I watched Baby Blues first, because I’m a serious movie review blogger and I think I can’t judge a movie just by listening to it. It was a good choice because after doing some more research for the cast and stuff, I realized that Baby Blues was originally released in 3D, which explains why they did certain things. Secondly, I emphasize that I do not have dolls. I mean, I love Disney stuffed animals or My Little Pony and you know, Funko Pop! figurines and other collectibles, but I’ve never owned a doll. To be honest, they drive me a little crazy. And this doll is fucking ugly. In no world or universe would it be something left over from the previous owner, if I were buying a new place, that I would keep, especially knowing that the Chinese believe in reincarnation and that spirits can hide in absolutely anything. So you know what? The melancholy had to fail from the start for me because I can’t even believe it. Except I passed it because you know what, it deserves a shot. After all, I had Raymond Lam and he is a talented actor from the Hong Kong series that I really like. Then comes Kate Tsui, who is also a popular Hong Kong TV actress. So I kept going, hoping that at some point it would be good. Except she’s not…

OMG this was so bad! It had nothing to do with the cast. It’s just that the story was so stupid and ridiculously lame. From the start, picture this, you’re moving in, making sweet love to your husband, and then you look up and there’s a fucking doll standing at your door. They just laugh it off and get right back into action. I’m sorry! The doll cried tears of blood! You’re crazy? She would stop making love and throw the damn doll into the fire before doing it again. Ok, I take a deep breath and agree with this. The characters don’t know about this, but as we watch this, they start making crazy decisions, a woman gets pregnant and has twins, one of them is stillborn, she gets baby blues and starts to hallucinate that the doll is her. second son. In the midst of all this, whenever something goes wrong, this puppet chases after them and we the audience know it because she starts adding her normal evil laugh and turns around pointing her finger and through her eyes we see who is trying. manipulate. At the same time, the old man across the street keeps telling them to move and that they are in danger if they have twins. They never ask for an explanation and just laugh at him. Not to mention, the doll has moving mechanisms, so she even has the strength to push the baby across the floor as she walks. *rolls eyes*

Baby Blues Movie

The actors do what they can with the script. I can promise you that. Its poor effects, poor puppetry, and nonsensical story make it very hard to feel a plunge into melancholy. I’ve seen some Hong Kong horrors, and this one definitely ranks at the bottom of the bar. What confuses me is why Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui agreed to this project. They could be doing a thousand better things with their talent, but then it could be the fault of Hong Kong’s crumbling entertainment industry (but that’s a discussion for another day). If there was one good thing, it was the last hurrah against the doll.

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Overall Baby Blues is a really bad movie. It’s a horror that makes you laugh, a thriller that bores you, and a drama that just flops. I can understand why they made the puppet point fingers if it was 3D effects, but it seemed useless in 2D, so it wouldn’t make much of a difference with all the nonsense it packs into its roughly 90 minute run time. I’m usually not that hard on movies, but I know that entertainment in Hong Kong can be better than this and it makes me angry that something like this exists to waste our time.

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