Baby Blues Movie

Baby Blues Movie – Ever since the trailer for Stuart Gordon’s Dolls scared me to death as a kid, I’ve always had a thing for creepy dolls. I once dragged my poor mother to see Bride of Chucky at the theater. Full Moon Pictures is a national treasure. When it comes to dolls killing people, all the good taste I pretend goes out the window. So, Po-Chih Leong’s Baby Blues has a special place in my heart.

Not to be confused with the 2008 American horror film of the same name, Baby Blues follows a writer named Tao (Raymond Lam) and his wife who move into a new house. where they found a doll that seemed to be left behind by the previous owners. Soon after, Tao wrote a “death” song and every idol who heard it had a mysterious event. (A guitar chord puts the death scene from the Final Destination movie to shame.) Is the song connected to the doll in some way? Is Tao just sick and unlucky? I can’t tell you – the movie never solves this problem.

Baby Blues Movie

Baby Blues Movie

The inability to act on any of his ideas is the main problem of Baby Blues. He creates all kinds of factual presentations that may or may not be due to the doll’s influence, and then there is no evidence whatsoever. Does the doll really have the souls of a couple of dead children, Jimmy? If so, why did the doll behave so strangely before they needed it? Does it cause pregnancy? The doll’s explanation is very difficult to explain everything, but it still raises important questions without answering them. Maybe the writer went to some mysterious story, a speech Tina in the Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll”. However, don’t think “Is the doll alive or not?” (and to be honest, “Living Doll” works just as well), I thought “Why does Tao creepily force idols to sing this horrible song?” and “Why do singers like it?” and “What should the people who subliminally invite death do to this doll?” and “Where is the bonus involved in all this?”

They Lurk Among Us

Thank goodness, the doll acts like a normal doll most of the time, because the results are great. When Tao sees “Jimmy” walk slowly across the roof, the movement is not scary and the self-awareness becomes funny. It’s just bad.

Baby Blues could be a chilling story – or, failing that, a bit of fun – but the film has a lot of interesting ideas that it doesn’t offer. Maybe the author expects me to be smarter than I am. However, Baby Blues confuses me more than scares.

Author of Say No to Drugs, author of Blumhouse, Dread Central, Horror Novel Reviews and Addicted to Horror Movies. Next, we are at option B! This is an obscure choice and I don’t know why I started it in the first place. Maybe I just got something about the noise in the background when I typed and then I ran out of time and thought it would be good to fix it for the purpose of this series . So here we are with Baby Blues, Hong Kong Horror. There’s a reason I rarely see fear in Hong Kong and that’s because it’s usually a little lame. If a movie can’t be scary, I will make a really bad movie because I’m scared.

Before we get to the review, I’d like to say that this past month, I’ll be working really hard to try to fit in as many 2015 movies as possible. This means trying to get some movies in 2015. on Netflix. It doesn’t mean that I’m preparing for the award season because most of it is probably still in theaters, but I usually give it a fair try and catch a few shows More videos from previous years to feel a little more. updated. So, in addition to Netflix being in the 2015 region (as my choice allowed), there will be more movie reviews than ever. I know because as I write this, I have already watched enough.

Jack Frost (film)

When a young couple moves into a house, they discover a mysterious doll that changes their lives forever.-IMDB

First of all, I watched Baby Blues first, because I’m a big movie blogger and I believe I can’t judge a movie by listening to it. It was a good choice because when I did a little more research on the cast and what not, I found out that Baby Blues was originally released in 3D, which explains why they did something . Second, I point out that I don’t keep dolls. I mean, I like Disney plushies or My Little Pony and you know, Funko Pop! pictures and other things, but I never had a doll. Honestly, they kind of freak me out. And this doll is very bad. In no world or this world will it be something left by the previous owner, if I buy a new place, that I will keep, especially is known that the Chinese believe in reincarnation and the soul can hide in absolutely everything. Well, you know what, Baby Blues was a success from the start for me because I couldn’t stretch my faith in it. I just skipped it because you know what, it’s worth a shot. Finally, it has Raymond Lam and he is a talented Hong Kong serial actor that I really like. Next comes Kate Tsui, who is also a popular Hong Kong TV actress. So I kept going, hoping that at some point it would be good. Unless it doesn’t happen…

God, so bad! It has nothing to do with the cast. Only this story is stupid and stupid. From the beginning, picture it, you move in and make sweet love with your husband and then you look and the secret doll is standing at your door. They just laughed, ignored him and went back to the action. Sorry! The doll cried tears of blood! Are you crazy? I would have to give up love and throw the doll into the fire before coming back to it. Okay, I took a deep breath and came to it. The characters don’t know anything about it, but as we see, they start making crazy decisions, the woman is pregnant and has twins, one of them dies and she gets a baby and starts thinking that the baby is fat He is his son. In the middle of all this, whenever something goes wrong, the doll haunts them and we, the audience know it, because it begins to add an evil smile and turn around the point and from his eyes, we can see who is trying to do. manage. At the same time, the old man across the street told them to move and if they had twins they would be in danger. They never asked the reason and just laughed. In addition, the doll has a set of movements so that it has the power to push the child to the floor when it walks. *rolls eyes*

Baby Blues Movie

Actors do their best with the script. I can promise you that. It’s the bad effects and the lame puppet and the stupid story that make it hard to feel any sense in Baby Blues. I have seen quite a few horrors from Hong Kong and this is definitely at the bottom of the bucket list. What worries me is why Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui took on this project? They could have done a thousand things better with their talent, but then, it’s only Hong Kong’s broken entertainment industry to blame (but that’s a discussion for another day). If there is one good thing, it is the final rush against the doll.

Film Hayya 2 Hingga Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Tayang Di Bioskop Cilacap, Cek Jam Tayang Dan Harga Tiket Di Sini

Overall, Baby Blues is a bad movie. It is horror that makes you laugh, thriller that makes you bored and drama that simply oozes. I can understand why they make the puppet point his fingers if it’s for 3D effects, but it seems useless in 2D, so it wouldn’t make a difference moving with all the nonsense it packs into 90 minutes of running time. I’m not always hard on movies, but I know Hong Kong entertainment can be better than this and it pisses me off that things like this still exist in our time.

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