Bad Influence Movie 2022

Bad Influence Movie 2022 – Joan is happy to see that her daughter Lily has a new friend at her new school, Violet. But she soon realizes that Lily and Violet’s friendship is weighing heavily on her daughter and that Violet has more to offer than meets the eye. Bad Influence will leave you scratching your head at what happens in the film only to end it on the most clichéd note. From the beginning of the film, Violet (Kayleigh Shikanai) and Derek (Ehren Kassam) act like they have sinister intentions towards our ostensible protagonist, Lily (Devin Cecchetto). It is interesting that the online synopsis of the film is given from the perspective of the mother, while the film itself has no real point of view. It’s just a series of events followed by a rather disturbing and clichéd revelation.

There are several events in the movies that don’t make sense. First, Violet and Derek’s attraction to Lily is unfounded. Furthermore, the intimate scenes were nothing more than a way to simply advance the story while trying to hold the viewer’s attention. None of this seems to be related to Zenith, and even if it was, we wouldn’t know because we have no idea about Zenith itself. When there’s a book that’s almost the main force of the story, you expect to know at least something about it. “Bad influence” completely ignores this point. All we learn about it are quotes from Violet. We know nothing about the book, as well as about its author, Dante Leclerc. So there is the only motivation that could have been.

Bad Influence Movie 2022

Bad Influence Movie 2022

Second, all the characters (group of friends) in Bad Influence are boring. We have no idea about them or why they joined the group in the first place, especially Derek. We don’t understand where to place his character because one moment he seems close to Violet, one moment he seems completely immersed in the Zenith philosophy, and then one moment he’s trying to get Lily to understand that what Violet is doing is wrong. Not even Violet, who is one of the main characters, was given a motive for her behavior. We only know that she is an avid Zenith cheerleader. We don’t know why she stalked a girl who misbehaved with Lily or her teacher. And most importantly, we have no idea why she fell in love with Lily. The only impression the viewer is likely to get about her is that she’s annoying, especially the way she nods her head for 3 to 4 seconds every time she says something she thinks is true Guess where the truth comes from… Zenith.

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Bad Influence is supposed to fall into the suspense and thriller genres, but it just doesn’t fit into either. There is a kind of incompleteness to the whole plot that will probably make the viewer regret watching the film. It’s quite tragic that the film fails to do justice to a potentially good plot. Both the book and Violet were interesting, but not giving them a real backstory makes Bad Influence a lost cause.

But we have to give it to “Bad Influence” for trying to show the change in Lily’s behavior after meeting Violet. Although we know nothing about her, her influence on Lily is understandable. Also, the moment of revelation at the end that it was Derek and not Joan with Lily that Violet was trying to push to death comes as a surprise. But that only increased the anticipation that we would finally find out what she and the Book of Zenith were all about. But all we get is a mentally unstable Violet taken into custody. The ending, of course, was predictable, as Lily sat with the others in the facility, still repeating the phrases from Zenith.

“Bad Influence” is nothing more than a headline. All we get in the movie is Violet’s fake influence over Lily, and that’s it. There were many possible plot points worth exploring, but they weren’t touched upon. Generally watch or skip; Bad influence will not affect you in any case.

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Who are Marisol and Mariluna in the Netflix series Freeridge? Why is Marisol looking for the haunted box? Jennie Garth may be best known for TV series such as Beverly Hills, 90210, What I Like About You and Jennie Garth: Small Country, but her latest project is a soap opera thriller in the style of cinema. Tubi’s original film, Bad Influence, follows a single mother whose teenage daughter is drawn into a high school cult. And according to Garth, it was actually a surprise that she even took the part.

Bad Influence Movie 2022

Chicago – Jennie Garth may be best known for TV shows like ‘Beverly Hills, 90210,’ ‘What I Like About You’ and ‘Jennie Garth: Small Country,’ but her latest project is a soap opera-style thriller. Tubi’s original film, Bad Influence, follows a single mother whose teenage daughter is drawn into a high school cult. And according to Garth, it was actually a surprise that she even took the part.

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“When I read it, I was really ready to not want to do the movie and just read it and say, ‘No, I’m fine,'” Garth told FOX television. “My manager was a bit shocked when I actually read it and said, ‘I think I’d like to do that’.”

Garth added, “It was just an interesting exploration, you know, of that mother-daughter relationship and kind of the journey that the daughter goes on and the journey that the mother goes on and how they kind of connect was for me.” the surprise is that I ended up making this movie.”

Garth stars as Joan, a single mother who is overjoyed to discover that her teenage daughter Lily is finally making friends at her new high school — at least until she realizes that Lily has fallen in love with a group that adheres to a weird, -centric and potentially dangerous code of ethics.

When asked how she would react if she were in Joan’s shoes, Garth explained: “As a mother, it’s easy to relate to this character…You know, you don’t really know what’s going on in your child’s life because you have your own world and you have to have a lot of faith in them and trust them.” She added, “As a mother, you just cross your fingers and pray and hope that your child is out there making smart decisions. I know when my daughter gets out of the car almost every day, it’s like a joke with us, but I would say, ‘Make smart decisions !’”

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BAD INFLUENCE: L-R: Devin Cecchetto, Ehren Kassam and Kayleigh Shikanai in BAD INFLUENCE produced by Champlain Media for Tubi. BAD INFLUENCE will premiere on Tubi on Friday, May 20, 2022. ©2022 TUBI

A major theme of “Bad Influence” is the balance between boundaries and privacy that parents must strike with their teenage children. And it’s an experience Garth knows firsthand.

“I’ve been there, I’ve been that mom,” Garth laughed as he discussed the scene of Joan snooping around in Lily’s nightstand. “Sometimes it’s a difficult decision to make as a parent because you want to give your child the privacy that you know they want and that kind of human right to privacy. But as a parent, you have to somehow define the right to privacy? Or is it a privilege? Or is it a learned right? And I feel like it’s something you have to learn and earn, and kind of go your own way.

Bad Influence Movie 2022

She added: “I feel as a parent, as a mother in my position, you really need to listen to your own instincts. And choose what’s right for you and your child.”

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BAD INFLUENCE: L-R: Kayleigh Shikanai, Jennie Garth and Devin Cecchetto in BAD INFLUENCE produced by Champlain Media for Tubi. BAD INFLUENCE will premiere on Tubi on Friday, May 20, 2022. ©2022 TUBI

In fact, Garth also has a lot of empathy for the character of Lily. Garth himself moved to new schools during his two high school years

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