Bad Influence

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Not safe, not safe L.A. A straitjacketed yuppie becomes corrupted by an immoral young bouncer who introduces him to the weak side of life.

Bad Influence

Bad Influence

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After decades of dreaming, a quartet of elderly women who are devoted football fans finally decide to make a pilgrimage to the Super Bowl for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet their favorite player, NFL legend Tom Brady. Along the way, a series of hijinks occur.

In the wake of apocalyptic destruction, the United Nations found a renewed sense of hope in a charismatic new leader who rose through the ranks to take command of the syndicate. However, as more and more evil events begin to occur, wreaking havoc around the world, people who once believed in this person now begin to question the wisdom behind their actions. Kevin Sorbo directed and starred in the action thriller. Starring Neil McDonough and Corbin Bernsen.

Uma Thurman stars as an assassin seeking bloody revenge for someone who left her dead on her wedding day. Uma Thurman stars as an assassin seeking bloody revenge for someone who left her dead on her wedding day.

When fugitive ex-enemy Dom Toretto returns to Los Angeles to find the truth behind a high-profile crime, agent Brian O’Connor reluctantly enlists his help in taking down a common enemy. Fast from the streets of L.A. in the Mexican desert in convoy heists and precision tunnel crawls, Dom and Brian try their men while exploring exciting new frontiers in the fine art of racing.

Uncle. The Man. The Myth. The Bad Influence

Innocent college student Dakota Johnson begins a relationship with troubled businessman Jamie Dornan. Adapted from EL James’ erotic bestseller. By continuing, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and to receive emails from Rotten Tomatoes.

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Bad Influence

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Bad Influence (the Best Hollywood Thriller Of The Year)

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Los Angeles marketing analyst Michael Ball (James Spader) struggles with insecurity despite his success – until he meets a mysterious man, Alex (Rob Lowe), who promises to help him gain confidence. However, Alex’s guide turns toxic when he introduces Michael to sex, drugs and crime. As Michael’s life begins to fall apart, he realizes that his mentor is a sociopath. Is it too late or can Michael escape Alex’s evil machinations?

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