Barbarian Movie

Barbarian Movie – As a frequent traveler, I’ve stayed in my fair share of Airbnbs, some of them not so great. I saw some dirty sheets, a few cockroaches and a handful of hosts that gave me very strange noises. But, for sure, I’ve never had an Airbnb experience as bad as the new 2022 Netflix horror movie.

. Basically, the Airbnb experience goes from bad to worse when she discovers an underground tunnel in the house’s basement that leads her to discover some terrifying secrets. Unfortunately, Airbnb does not allow you to leave negative star reviews.

Barbarian Movie

Barbarian Movie

It was definitely a refreshing twist on the horror genre, deviating from the norm at every turn and leaving the audience at a complete loss as to what to expect. The film plays with these overused tropes, teasing the audience with a sigh of relief, only to be rescued moments later.

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Georgina Campbell, who plays the main character Tess, gives a believable performance even in the film’s most interesting and strange scenes. and co-stars Justin Long and Bill Skarsgård (known for playing Pennywise).

) also stepped up to the plate with a dynamic performance that kept the audience in a constant state of tension.

Which were a bit over-the-top or cheesy, the film overall was refreshing, unexpected and definitely scary. If you’re looking for a horror movie that isn’t afraid to play outside the genre’s established framework and never want to book an Airbnb again, log on to Netflix and watch.

It was written and directed by Zach Krieger (of the New York City-based comedy group Whitest Kids You Know). The twists and turns of the plot can be a little hard to follow at some points, but let me explain. If you haven’t seen the movie, be aware that the following paragraphs will contain some spoilers.

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The film begins with an unfortunate incident that could happen to anyone. Tess arrives at an Airbnb in a secluded part of Detroit late on a rainy night, only to find that the house is double booked and she has to share the place with Keith.

At first, Tess is very wary of Keith (Bill Skarsgård), despite the fact that he treats her very pleasantly. Additionally, viewers may recognize Skarsgård from his role as Pennywise from

Or have seen a trailer for a movie (which has Keith as the villain) and assume that Keith will sneak into Tess’s room at night.

Barbarian Movie

Well, actually, Tess finds her door unlocked in the middle of the night, but finds Keith fast asleep moments later. Unexpectedly, Tess completely loses it all night and goes to her job interview. When she returns, however, she discovers the house’s darkest secret: a hidden door that leads to some sort of obscene dungeon.

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When Keith later returns home, Tess tells him about her discovery and he goes into the basement to see for himself. Tess calls to Keith from upstairs but gets no answer until she hears him calling for help from downstairs. After her scream into the secret underground system of tunnels, Tess finds Keith writhing in terror. Seconds later, a ghostly white, large, large-breasted woman emerges from the darkness and slams Keith’s head against the wall until it’s like beef.

As this horrific image is burned into the viewer’s mind, the screen fades to black and famous actor AJ Gilbride (Justin Long) drives up in a convertible and is revealed to have a co-worker on board. In light of the news of his sexual misconduct and rape, AJ decides to liquidate some of his residential properties, including one in a secluded neighborhood in Detroit.

So, AJ reaches home and finds people’s possessions scattered everywhere. He then hears noises coming from the basement, at which point he finds a flashlight and decides to go there. Discovering secret rooms and tunnels, AJ gets excited that he can list a house with more square footage and get more money for it, so he explores the tunnels with a tape measure. I’m going down. Shortly after, AJ is attacked by a large-breasted ghost woman and is forced into a hole where he finds Tess.

“Mommy” tries to breastfeed AJ but he refuses, which angers her and she pulls AJ away. Amidst the commotion, Tess manages to escape and draws the attention of the local police. However, the police do not believe her story and threaten to arrest her for breaking the window through which she escaped.

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The film then switches to a flashback to the 1980s showing a man named Frank as a complete and utter scumbag. He is revealed to be the previous owner of the house and has been kidnapping women and holding them hostage in the tunnels beneath the house. In the present day, AJ finds Frank sleeping on a bed in a secret room while trying to escape the tunnel.

AJ pushes a table near Frank’s bed, accidentally causing him to use the gun, which he uses to shoot himself. Aj then picks up the gun and goes back into the tunnel. Seeing a picture of a human in the tunnel, AJ accidentally shoots Tess, thinking it is the mother.

Tess survives the shooting and they both run out of the house, but Mom is still on the loose. They seek shelter from a homeless man who they say is the result of Mother Frank’s generations of indecent rape. He also claims that his house is completely safe under a water tower moments before Mom crashes into a wall, ripping off his arm and killing him with his own hands.

Barbarian Movie

AJ and Tess run to the top of the water tower and find they have nowhere to run. So, AJ grabs Tess by the hair and throws her off the water tower, causing the mother to plunge off the tower.

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When AJ reaches the bottom of the tower, he discovers that Tess survived the fall. However, the mother quickly regains consciousness, gouges out his eyes and rips his skull open like a loaf of bread. Tess then picks up a gun and shoots the mother in the face. Tess leaves, wounded and bloody, and the film ends.

Overall, like I said, I felt the film was doing pretty well against expectations. At the beginning of the film, the audience assumes that Keith is going to become a villain to terrorize Tess. However, this illusion is shattered when his head hits a pulp and he turns out to be just what he said he was: a very good friend.

There is also a great scene towards the beginning of the film where Tess finds a creepy hidden door that leads to a dark hallway. As a viewer, I was screaming, “Oh, great! She’s going to walk down that horrible hallway! Don’t!” And, to my surprise, Tess just said, “No,” and walked away. These and other moments of surprising rationality gave the film a new and refreshing feel.

The sudden cut to Keith driving in his red convertible nods at AJ was jarring and unexpected and left the audience confused with delight. The juxtaposition of a ghostly scene with a man strolling and singing on a beach in a dark hallway was both confusing and intriguing.

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I also thought the social commentary was subtle and expertly delivered. The difference in the neighborhood’s appearance between the 1980s and today shows how some areas of Detroit have been forgotten and abandoned in recent years. The fact that the police officers assume that Tess is high on drugs and talking nonsense based on her appearance certainly seems relevant to the modern political climate. Overall, in a day and age when so many movies go over your head with their political agenda,

I wish Frank’s backstory was fleshed out more. For the man at the heart of the entire film, the driving force behind the entire horror scene, he gets surprisingly little screen time. Perhaps the intention was to keep Frank’s personality a mystery. However, I believe that fully presenting the male atrocities to the audience would have made the film scarier and helped the audience sympathize with The Mother, making for a more dynamic and interesting villain.

Other parts of the film felt a little overdone, most notably the scene where The Mother rips off a homeless man’s arm and kills him. Don’t get me wrong: I love a healthy dose of blood and gore. And I thought that

Barbarian Movie

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