Cash Movie

Cash Movie – ‘Cash’ Movie Review: Amol Parashar starrer is very predictable and fast paced Directed by Rishabh Seth starring Amol Parashar, Kevin Dave, Gulshan Grover, Swanand Kirkire and others this movie is a three part movie quick laugh.

Armaan Gulati (Amol Parashar) in the first movie of Disney + Hotstar Cash, when the show causes havoc in India in November 2016, he plans to eliminate black money and earn himself crores. His entrepreneurial ways are becoming a nightmare for him when his crazy ideas finally start to fail.

Cash Movie

Cash Movie

Directed by Rishabh Seth and directed by Amol Parashar, Kevin Dave, Gulshan Grover, Swanand Kirkire, Smriti Kalra and Pawan Chopra, Cash is a musical comedy written, full of complexities, surprises and nuances that will make you are stuck on the screen. until the end.

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As God would have it, Armaan, who calls himself the head pedaishi, is an ordinary boy. He wants to use his complicated business plan to make it big in life but he has not succeeded. He got golden opportunity during demonetization. His girlfriend Neha (Smriti Kalra) – a crooked housekeeper and her best friend Vivek Sodani aka Soda (Kevin Dave) – along with his partner in crime, Armaan, are on an impossible mission of 5 crores of “dirty” money. Less than 52 days before banks stop accepting old notes.

But soon, Armaan’s plan backfires when local politician Gautam Acharya (Gulshan Grover) enters his life. In this forest journey is the Dabbawala-Police force on time, who will achieve the goal of recovering 100 crores of black money. Will Armaan, Soda and Neha succeed in converting the banned money or go to jail in this epic fight?

This movie is a serious adventure and has all the makings of a horror movie. The fast paced story works very much in its favor. Amol Parashar gives a brilliant performance and is complimented by famous Bollywood singer Swanand Kirkire from the closing.

Rishabh Seth is making his directorial debut with this film and he has created a unique story with interesting characters. The movie is written by Arsh Vora and Rishabh Seth. The film is produced by Vishesh Bhatt, Navi Mittar and Sakshi Bhatt.

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