Cocktail Movie

Cocktail Movie – Love, hate or ignore Tom Cruise these days, can we all agree on one thing? His 1988 movie cocktail is as refreshing as a shot glass filled with … pickle juice perhaps? (Is there anything worse than that? Let’s not find out.)

Can age better than a bottle of MD 20/20, which isn’t saying much. In truth, the story of a daydreaming bartender was a project hated by critics from the start.

Cocktail Movie

Cocktail Movie

Maintains a deadly 5 percent “fresh rating” on Rotten Tomatoes, which asks: Did anyone actually like this?

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Actually I liked it. Still doing. Is it a perfect movie? Nope. Is this the very model of a guilty pleasure movie from our beloved decade. Yes, admit it! Let’s look at the pros and cons.

CAST: Cruise and Elizabeth Shue have no romantic chemistry. But when was the last time Cruise had chemistry with anyone? Let’s face it: Bryan Brown is the savior here in the wise Douglas Coughlin, bartender and philosopher.

Is worth it for Brown and his “Coughlin’s Laws” of wisdom alone. “Beer is for breakfast!” “The luck is gone, the brain is shot, but we still have spirits.”

The Plot: A former serviceman wants to make it big in the Big Apple, but is rejected due to a lack of real-world experience, he pays the bills by bartending for the city’s elite. From the 1930s or 40s, right? Heck, pick any decade.

Your Movie Dreams In A Cocktail

Is a sum of its many, many parts – none of them original. “There isn’t a moment in the film’s last half hour that isn’t borrowed from other films,” lamented critic Roger Ebert in his review. And yet it is Hollywood. They borrow, borrow, borrow and oh, just steal. Why? Because it’s a formula that works. Don’t you think Cruise and Shue get back together, get married and open a bar at the end? Ofcourse it’s you. Cheers.

THE MUSIC: Complex thoughts here. Let’s get this out in the open: No ’80s fan can legitimately claim to love

Of the Beach Boys at the moment. There are rights and wrongs in the world, but we can all agree that this is a universal wrong. The rest of the tunes are a true mix of classics from the golden age of rock along with some of the less fortunate tunes of the 80s by Georgia Satellites, Robert Palmer and Bobby McFerrin.

Cocktail Movie

Is about image over substance. Cruise smiled. Brown smiles evilly and Shue winks… well, she winks at Tom. Set in Jamaica, the island scenes are made to captivate – it’s a mission not impossible.

Cocktail Is Youthful, Jazzy And For Gen X

THE INTANGIBLES: Oh yes, the love of a guilty pleasure often depends on the intangible. There’s an inner bartender in each of us who is one step away from making it big with their own personal “wing tie”. It is what brings us to the great adventures in life. We cannot deny the young Mr. Flanagan is his dream. Instead, we recognize the satisfaction that comes from knowing that he has arrived with his own modified version of a great success story. And yes, at least the drinks are on the house. For this week’s Wahiyat Wednesday, we discuss the folly of the Homi Adajania instructional cocktail. The portrayal of Deepika Padukone’s character in the film is regressive, making it a hugely disappointing watch.

By Vibha Maru: Veronica is vivacious, confident, courageous and a kind true friend. Do you think these are characteristics of an ideal, loving person? Cocktail makers think differently.

It’s been almost seven years since Cocktail was released in theaters. But for now, Deepika Padukone’s portrayal of Veronica Malaney’s character is shocking.

Cocktail, directed by Homi Adajania, was released the same year that Vidya Balan’s Kahaani hit the theatres. While Kahaani became a cult classic and redefined how women are portrayed in Hindi cinema, Cocktail became a case study in how not to portray women on the big screen.

Cocktail’s Veronica & Meera

Written by Imtiaz Ali, Cocktail is the glossy version of 90s movies where outgoing, free-spirited women were portrayed in a bad light. They became known as the race whose men date but do not marry. Wearing short skirts and eating drink after drink at bars, Deepika Padukone’s Veronica is the 2012 version of that breed.

The film’s male protagonist, Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan) is a playboy who never misses an opportunity to flirt. He tries to court any woman in his ranks. When a happy Gautam meets Veronica, sparks fly and they both fall asleep.

Enter Meera (Diana Penty), a pious small-town girl abandoned by her husband in the big, bad city of London. Meera now lives with Veronica, who finds her crying in a public bathroom and offers to help.

Cocktail Movie

Quite conservative in her approach to life, Meera is amazed at Veronica and Gautam’s casualness. But in the end he accepted them and the three became best friends. The movie was fun until Gautam’s mummyji came into the picture and he fell in love with Meera.

Iconic Movie Cocktails You Can Make At Home

“There we go again,” we said to ourselves at that moment. Just when you thought a Hindi film hero would accept a woman as she is, they pull you back a few decades.

Veronica tries to get Gautam’s attention. She dresses in Indian clothes, spends time with Gautam’s mother. But the first impression is the last impression in Cocktail-land. Gautam’s mother develops a deep love for Meera, which in turn changes Gautam’s view of her. Kyuki patni toh sanskari he chahiye. London to India. And Meera is sanskari.

Don’t get me wrong here. Change of heart happens and everyone has the right to love what they want. But Cocktail sets the wrong precedent the moment Saif discovers his feelings for Meera.

The film confirms the old notion of our country – women must behave in a certain way to be considered marriage material. The biggest failure of the cocktail comes when it actually gives Gautam the option to choose between these two types of women and even lets him get the girl in the end.

Cocktail, 10 Years Of Deepika’s Iconic Character Veronica

The story of the film was also debated by critics in 2012. In an earlier interview with HuffPost, Imtiaz clarified his stand on the film. He said, “I don’t think there was anything wrong with the way it was. Actually, the way it was supposed to be, Veronica (Deepika Padukone’s character in Cocktail) is the type this guy (played by Saif Ali Khan) likes . The whole point was that he goes against his type because the person in question (Diana Penty’s character) he cares about a lot. It was nothing to do with someone being Indian or someone being more acceptable to his family.”

Imtiaz’s sentiment did not go to Cocktail and the writer accepted the same. In the same interview, he said, “The script I wrote, people should really read it. Not that I’m saying the director (Homi Adajania) messed it up, but it just came across differently than it was meant to. “

Veronica is not much different from Piku Banerjee, another character played by Deepika in the 2015 film Piku. Both are confident women who are not shy to express themselves. However, the treatment is significantly different for both grades.

Cocktail Movie

We crave more characters like Veronica, unabashed and true to herself. The big question is, will the writers give them fair treatment? All we have is hope. Playing the charming yet vulnerable ‘Veronica’ in ‘Cocktail’, she proved that she is more than just a pretty face.

Cocktail (kannada) (2023)

On the occasion of his birthday, let’s look back at some fun movie trivia. Here are 5 facts about Deepika Padukone, Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan starrer ‘Cocktail’:

Deepika Padukone gives a breakout performance as the badass, carefree ‘Veronica’. However, he is not the 1st choice.

The role was originally offered to Priyanka Chopra. But she reportedly had doubts about the character and the role eventually went to Deepika instead.

But since Meera’s role is very similar to the one she played in Love Aaj Kal, Padukone answered the challenge of Veronica Malaney’s essay in Cocktail. Diana Penty made her Bollywood debut as the shy Meera Ahuja.

Cocktail (1988) Directed By Roger Donaldson • Reviews, Film + Cast • Letterboxd

Since Deepika and Imran Khan had a good chemistry on screen in ‘Break Ke Baad’, the makers approached Imran for the role of casanova ‘Gautam Kapoor’.

Imran reportedly took some time to read the script but turned it down. Ranbir Kapoor was also offered a flirtatious role but he turned it down and later Saif Ali Khan stepped in as Gautam.

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Cocktail Movie

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