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Customers who use the Curve smart card can earn 1% cash back on their spending, regardless of the credit or debit account they choose to use. But is it as good as it sounds?



Curve allows you to pay with one card from multiple accounts and providers. Adding a 1% discount on purchases from select retailers may make this more attractive to some. But you have to pay a lot of money every month to use it, and not all sellers are eligible.

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The Curve card is a unique product, the different methods Curve itself uses (‘Premium banking platform’ or ‘smart card’) do not explain what it does.

Curve also has a future-proof ‘back in time’ feature, allowing you to switch from purchases made in the past 14 days to a different card.

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Instead of loading your wallet with cards, you can safely leave them all at home and carry the Curve.

Typically, when you spend between £100 and £30,000 on a credit card, Section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act allows you to get the money back from the credit card company if the the seller breaks the contract or misrepresents the product or service. If you use your credit card to spend through Curve, you won’t get this.

Alternatively, you can use Mastercard cashback or the new Curve Customer Protection, which will refund qualifying purchases up to £100,000. But none of them are covered by the law, and there are many types of purchases that do not qualify for the Consumer Protection Act.


This program offers instant cashback on purchases at up to six retailers of your choice, depending on which Curve card you have.

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There are over 60 brands to choose from, including supermarkets, such as Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, and entertainment subscription services, such as Netflix and Spotify.

Your 1% cashback will be added to your Curve Cash balance, and you can pay with your Curve card.

If one of the cards in the Curve Wallet already gives you cash back on all your spending, you’ll accumulate Curve Cash on top of it.

For example, you can get 0.5% back on all purchases using the Barclay card. If you pay with this card using Curve, you’ll get 0.5% cashback in your Barclaycard account and 1% cashback in your Curve Cash wallet.

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However, American Express does not support the Curve card. Since the best cashback credit cards are all American Express cards, you won’t be able to do many of the cashback combos until Curve manages to add Amex in the future.

It’s also important to note that if you earn cash back or points from select retailers through a credit card rewards program, using Curve can get in the way.

When you charge a card through Curve, all transactions are recorded as coming from Curve – not from the merchant. So, for example, if your credit card gives you a bonus for shopping at Sainsbury’s, you won’t get that bonus if you pay at Curve.


However, you’ll still get rewards if your credit card gives you cash back on expenses, like groceries, as Curve will still track these.

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Curve’s free account, Curve Blue, allows you to choose three vendors to earn money from, and you will only earn money for the first 90 days.

The Black Curve card costs £9.99 per month and allows you to choose up to three retailers and get cash back. Curve Metal, on the other hand, charges £14.99/month, including rebates at six retailers. These cards also offer other benefits, including insurance products.

Signing up for top banking services should not be taken lightly. It is important to consider the features they offer and calculate whether they are worth the money.

Since we are talking about salary, the main question is: can you earn enough money to pay the monthly subscription fee?

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To get your £9.99 a month Black Curve back, you’ll need to spend a total of £999 a month at your chosen three stores.

Also, you’ll have to spend £1,499 a month to cover the £14.99 a month Curve Metal – although you’ll have plenty of retailers to choose from.

If you’re going to spend this money at Curve Cash’s eligible merchants every month, the reward system can make it even more worthwhile. Otherwise, you have to decide whether other features, such as bundled insurance products, are worth it.


If you’re interested in cashback, there are plenty of other cards that offer similar rewards — or more — with no monthly fees, though most are credit cards. Read our guide to the best credit cards to see more of your opportunities to get rewards when you spend. Instead of getting lost in the storm of different types of business and use cases that do not suit your needs, let us look at what you need. We are looking for – an understanding of S-curves or S-graphs in the scope of project management.

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Definition of an S-Curve is a statistical graph that represents all operational data. It is called an S-curve because the graph is in 19 letters of the alphabet. This graphical information is often the cost of labor or the number of hours worked compared to time – which makes it a useful tool for managers to see the progress of work the body at a higher level.

At the beginning of the project, progress is slow and like a straight line, while rapid progress will be reflected in the depth. Many internal and external factors in the project life cycle can affect the shape of the S-curve diagram.

In the early stages, project teams come together, stakeholders come on board, and your time is spent planning instead of doing. When the project is going fast, the growth of project work – such as working hours – is so high that the surface will continue to grow and develop between the parts of the S-shape. The point of maximum motion is called the center of gravity. Therefore, when the project begins to slow down and proceed to closure, the process will appear again.

The s-curve is useful for evaluating project progress because the cumulative data from different parts of the project can be compared to forecast data. You can check the level of coordination between two graphs to show the progress—or lack thereof—of whatever is being studied. Here are a few other ways that S-curves can help a project manager succeed in the long run.

We Need To Let Go Of The Bell Curve

Only 50% of PMs depend on their schedule and work, making it difficult to find real progress. When you plot an S-curve early in a project, using data metrics like hours and cost, you have a baseline to track progress against. During the project life cycle, the project manager can monitor resource utilization to see how it is meeting expectations. If there is a disagreement, it is an opportunity to resolve how the resource is being used.

Plotting your S-curve shows when you expect the project to perform well, such as when you need to invest or when activity is high. This will make budgeting and resource allocation more accurate, as you will be able to communicate clearly and confidently when you need a large portion of the buyer’s budget. sales will take off, or when you want to add your main contractors. .

S-curves can also help keep stakeholders involved in your project, as they are a visual and intuitive way to describe potential stakeholders. during the S-curve process.


Explaining that progress can be slow in the early stages of project implementation before a significant increase in workload can help manage stakeholders’ expectations that change can be rapid. It also keeps your team on the same page to launch the product or service.

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Once your basic S-curve is created, you can play with the tools to determine the effect of the function. In a time-sensitive industry such as marketing or advertising, smart and quick decisions are necessary to stay ahead or can say, ahead of the curve.

This creates two curves that connect at the beginning and end and are called ‘banana curves’, because of their shape. Project managers often think of the first, and last, work that can start on a schedule that does not affect the entire duration. This shows how much flexibility or ‘float’ there is in the schedule if things change during project execution.

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