Death Note Movie

Death Note Movie – Death Note is getting a new live-action series from Netflix, which will be produced by the minds behind Stranger Things.

Deadline has announced that Netflix is ​​moving forward with another adaptation of the highly acclaimed manga and anime series

Death Note Movie

Death Note Movie

. This time the adaptation will be a TV series instead of a movie and will be produced and written by Halia Abdel-Meguid. The project is being developed by Upside Down, a production studio started by the Duffer brothers (

Gus Van Sant Rumoured To Be Directing Death Note

The adaptation is being produced by Netflix, given that their last attempt had a harsh negative response. Manga series

Originally written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, it is considered by many to be one of the best manga of all time. Abdel-Meguid is on record as a longtime fan of the series, so hopefully that translates into a better-crafted adaptation.

Follows Light Yagami, a young genius who discovers a black notebook that allows him to kill by writing someone’s name. As Light works to cleanse the world of those he deems worthy of death, he is pursued by the genius detective L. As the owner of the Death Note, Light is also being followed by a Shinigami, the god of death named Ryuk.

Netflix was supposed to move the stage from Japan to Seattle, Washington. The new adaptation will probably keep the original location and the Japanese actors will be better represented in the cast. While LaKeith Stanfield as the mysterious L and Willem Dafoe as the voice of Ryuk were interesting casting choices that were rare bright spots in the film, it didn’t seem true to the series fans knew and loved.

How Netflix’s Death Note Alters The Original Story With Its American Setting

The Netflix adaptation brings back several people who were involved with the original 2017 film: Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Jonathan Eirich and Miri Yoon return as executive producers and co-executive producers of the film. This is a curious move considering they were the producers of the last film and it wasn’t well received. Hopefully they can take the feedback from the fans and use it in their next endeavor.

While Netflix has quite a few successful anime on its platform, they have yet to have what could be considered a truly successful live-action anime adaptation that will please both fans and newcomers (unless you count the underrated Rurouni Kenshin adaptations). While them

Did not catch on because it was canceled after only one season. But that doesn’t mean Netflix is ​​slowing down its efforts anytime soon, as the streaming giant has several live-action anime adaptations planned for the near future.

Death Note Movie

The series is definitely a big deal for Netflix, but they are also working on a live-action adaptation

Death Note: The Last Name Movie Reviews

, which is one of the most popular manga and anime series of all time. As always, fans are worried about a live-action adaptation of something that probably doesn’t need one, but we’ll have to wait and see if Netflix pulls it off. You have to imagine if

Fan-favorite superhero show leaves Netflix Netflix cancels highly-rated comedy ahead of Season 2 Christian Bale has No. 1 movie on Netflix John Travolta’s best movie comes to life on Netflix With the recent release of the American film adaptation of “Death Note” from Netflix. ”, I thought it was time to check out the first live action adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba’s manga. Let’s go.

Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) is a very intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him. And one day he finds a notebook that just fell from the sky. And it turns out that Light can kill almost anyone by writing a person’s name in a notebook. So take this opportunity to become the mysterious female guard known simply as Kira, killing criminals and fugitives left and right. This attracts the attention of the mysterious investigator L (Ken’ichi Matsuyama), who starts a game of cat and mouse in which they try to discover the identity of the other in order to eliminate the other. So we have our plot. And is it good? For the most part, sure. And I say that because it is not without its faults. The basic premise is great and many of the story developments are good. The problem is that sometimes the plot drags and feels rushed and disjointed… all at once. This is of course because they are trying to fit about nine anime episodes into a two-hour movie. So some scenes seem rushed and some parts don’t have the smoothest transition, making some parts a bit disjointed. And it drags that some scenes are a bit slow and not good. But there’s still enough intrigue in the plot that it’s not all bad. That’s all right.

The characters here are quite interesting. Light (as I said before) is a very intelligent young man, top of his class. So what happens when you give such a person a notebook that can kill people with the stroke of a pen? A really fascinating guy, smug and a bit creepy. I was all for it, but I also felt it was a little cocky…and that’s what makes it so interesting. And Tatsuya Fujiwara is very good in this role. L, an eccentric and highly skilled detective who is looking for Kira. He’s quirky, funny and just an interesting character. And Ken’ichi Matsuyama is very good in this role. Then we have Ryuk, the apple-loving god of death who follows the Light. It’s as cartoonish as it should be without sacrificing any of the creepy aspects of the character, which is great. It is voiced by Shidô Nakamura and does a good job of capturing Ryuk’s feeling. Then there’s a bunch of supporting characters/performances that I won’t go into because I don’t have the time or inclination to, but let’s just say they do a good job.

The Death Note (2016)

Kenji Kawai composed the score and I think he did a good job. The score is quite eerie and helps create a sense of unease in the film. And it’s generally well put together. Now I’m guessing a slight spoiler, even if it’s not a scene from the story, but the end credits. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Dani Calfornia” is played during the end credits. I have nothing against it (it’s a great song) but it felt a bit random and I just had to pull it out. I have no other opinion on the usage other than…weird. well, OK

This movie was directed by Shusuke Kaneko and he did a good job. His direction is a bit lackluster for the most part, though he occasionally uses some pretty clever camera tricks to elevate those moments. But mostly his direction was pretty lackluster. Can we also talk about Ryuk? Not as a character, but his appearance in this movie. They decided to make him a fully CG character, and while his design is perfect for the manga and anime, it just doesn’t look great. It’s like bringing a cartoon to a serious live action set… a bit distracting. Not the biggest issue for me, but I felt it was worth pointing out.

Although this film is not very present on the sites I use, it is there to some extent. It has a 78% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It doesn’t exist on Metacritic at all. And on it has a score of 7.9/10.

Death Note Movie

“Death Note” is a pretty good live action manga/anime adaptation. It has a good plot, good characters, very good acting, good music and good direction. My only faults come from the plot being a bit messy (as I explained above) and Ryuk seeming a bit…meh. Time for my final score. This messy Hollywood adaptation of the famous Japanese series has enough for an entire season, but there are still some reckless thrills.

Why Is Netflix’s Failed ‘death Note’ Getting A Sequel?

“The disjointed plot also means that characters are often neglected, shifts in motivation and morality happen in the blink of an eye”… Death Note. Photo: James Dittiger/Netflix

A long line of sharp knives has already come into effect for this one. Maybe for a legitimate reason. Maybe not. But before the framework for Netflix’s ambitious startup franchise was finalized, there was widespread outrage over what was seen as a whitewashed version of the necessarily Japanese source material. Asian and Asian-American actors have long been favored in Hollywood, and this latest example was seen as yet another insult following the recent cases of Ghost in the Shell, Doctor Strange and The Great Wall.

Death Note, a multi-part saga originating from a manga series that spawned movies, video games and a TV show in Japan, has always seemed like prime property for a US intervention. USA

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