Download Bad Influence Movie

Download Bad Influence Movie – There’s a lot going for it. It stars Rob Lowe, James Spader and is touted to be a thriller and suspense drama. Therefore, it made sense to pick up a Blu-ray movie from Shout! Factory and image of this watch / Give Feedback…

Quiet, simple financial analyst Michael Ball (Speder) lives a rich but timid life without risk or reward. When she crosses paths with the mysterious Alex (Lowe), the two forge a friendship based on increasingly daring behavior. However, when Michael’s new friend pushes things too far, Michael wants out… but the mysterious Alex has no desire to free him from the dangerously seductive life he drags him into.

Download Bad Influence Movie

Download Bad Influence Movie

In what could be considered a career change, James Spader plays Michael, who is busy with a stressful job and about to marry a woman he doesn’t love. Her life is in turmoil, but everything changes when she meets bad boy Alex – if that’s his real name – played by Sex Tape star Rob Lowe. Alex tells Michael that he needs to stand up for himself and shows him how to do it by introducing him to sexy parties with sexy women and lots of drink and drugs. A few store robberies later and Michael begins to regret meeting Alex. She tries to end this dangerous relationship, but Alex doesn’t take it too well and begins to go off the deep end.

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What’s not to like about this movie? I myself was hooked when the movie started and I was too busy watching Rob Lowe and James Spader act. Although the film is not perfect. There are many loose threads hanging in the end and the fate of some of the characters is left up in the air. Also, Rob Lowe was a bit stiff in the first half, but as the movie went on, he loosened up and started showing off.

Maybe I’m crazy here, but something happened to me in this movie. The woman appears casually, but her character’s appearance is inexplicable. She also had a few lines here and there, meaning she was paid for the part and wasn’t just an extra in the background. I thought he was going to be important at some point in the movie, but nothing came of it. Maybe she was the director’s wife/girlfriend/mistress or something?

On Blu-ray via standard DVD release, accompanied by an excellent half-hour interview with author David Koepp. The video is pretty clean, with only some dirt and debris in a few places. It’s never enough to detract from the viewing experience. Sound comes in DTS-HD Master Audio stereo, which was pretty last if you ask me. I had to turn on the speaker to hear the conversation. As already mentioned, the only feature is a nice interview with David Koepp, who delves into the screenwriting process with his work on Bad Influence. Also included is a theatrical trailer, which shows off a whole lot more.

For me it was a thriller with only a few loose ends. Rob Lowe’s performance starts out self-indulgent, but everything gets better as the story progresses. the Scream! The company has done a great job on the Blu-ray and I think it is well worth the buy.

Bad Influence (tv Movie 2022)

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