Elvis Movie

Elvis Movie – We couldn’t stop loving Austin Butler when we first saw him as the King of Rock and Roll.

The 30-year-old actor gave a glimpse of his Elvis Presley image in the latest trailer for the film, which will be released on June 24, 2022. business,” wrote editor. Baz Luhrmann on Instagram on Monday, Nov. 15. .

Elvis Movie

Elvis Movie

-shows a photo of Butler dressed in two classic Elvis looks: a black leather jacket and a white suit. “TCB,” the clip teases, refers to Elvis’ motto, “Taking Care of Business.”

Austin Butler Nails Elvis Presley’s Swagger In First Look At Movie

The video, which was set to his song “Suspicious Minds,” didn’t show Austin’s face, but fans could clearly see from the background that he has the singer’s signature down to a science.

It seems he’s not the only celebrity dying to see the final film. Miguel also said, “Let’s go.”

Austin previously told E! News about what it was like to receive the call to play the famous Elvis Presley. “I have to say how grateful I am that Baz invited me on this journey with him,” he said two years ago. “It’s really an opportunity of a lifetime. It’s going to be a great discovery.”

Austin explained: “They ruled my career, they ruled my life. I’ve looked up to them since I started working when I was 10 years old.” Including the pleasure of working with the same filmmakers: “It guided me in life.” CANNES, France — Near the beginning of “Elvis,” Baz Luhrmann’s hyperventilated, well-acted and thoroughly disturbing depiction of the life and times of Elvis Presley, I wondered what I was seeing. I continued to marvel as Luhrmann split the screen, sliced ​​it, slowed the motion, faded the color, and transformed Elvis into not just a king, but a savior, a martyr, and a human rights revolutionary. America – at its purest. , charm, music and waistline – helped heal a kingdom.

Tom Hanks On Controversial ‘elvis’ Biopic: ‘what Have I Done?’

In general, “Elvis,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, can be classified as a historical story, a baby-in-the-grave (more or less) story about a kid from Tupelo, Miss. became a pop culture sensation and tragicomedy – played the unattractive, hard-working Austin Butler – despite being the villain, a.k.a. Col. Tom Parker (Tom Hanks), he decorates her. But Luhrmann — whose films include “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby” and, um, “Australia” — is neither simple nor ordinary. A very visible person, he likes to go big and then big, and he likes to go big-splasy. Most filmmakers just want to get the picture; the best strive for perfection. Luhrmann wants to be scary.

The story of the film and rather its most obvious character is Colonel Parker, Hanks is shown with a big belly, definitely wrong, the nose jumps like the bow of a boat with a scary sound. I would have loved to hear Luhrmann and Hank talk about their ideas for the character; if nothing else, it would explain what the world is looking for here. I honestly have no idea, although the image of Sydney Greenstreet drooling over “The Maltese Falcon” kept popping up, along with a touch of “Hogan’s Heroes”.

Written by Luhrmann and many others, the film traces Elvis’ path through Parker, an odd choice because the colonel is the villain of the piece. They meet when Elvis is an unknown teenager and under the protective wing of his mother and father. As soon as the Colonel sees Elvis perform – or rather, witnesses the joy of the female audience – he knows this child is a golden boy. The Colonel swoops in, seduces Elvis and puts him under his control. The rest is history, with Luhrmann emerging from the darkness at Graceland and later in Las Vegas.

Elvis Movie

Even non-Elvisologists should know the gist of this story as it goes from a sweet boy to an amazing talent and fallen idol. That said, those who don’t know much about Elvis’ tragic life may be surprised by some of the ideas Luhrmann puts forward, especially when it comes to rights. A white musician who emerged and helped popularize black music for white America, Elvis is undoubtedly an important icon. The disappointing thing is how big a role Luhrmann gave Elvis in American serious history.

People Blown Away By Austin Butler’s Resemblance To Elvis In New Biopic

In the good story of Elvis that Luhrmann preaches here, the famous player is not only an admirer or a translator (better used) of black music. Instead, he was a prophet of change—due to the time he spent in the Black church, Black juke joints, and Black music clubs—who would be able to bridge the race, or at least bridge it. eat white people, scare and drive. . As a child, Elvis felt the spirit on the podium and beyond; later he becomes a tool for change by copying Black ecstasy and pumping his thin waist to white people and sending them to sexual harassment.

While Elvis steps up and makes plans for the colony, Luhrmann holds back the majority of the plot and pushes the story forward. The 1950s gave way to the 60s and 70s amid music, expensive toys, murder, personal problems and general relaxation, although I don’t remember hearing the words Vietnam War. Family members walk in and out, tears are shed, drugs are thrown. There are important ships (no Ann-Margret or Richard M. Nixon), and outside of a cozy scene where Las Vegas Elvis arranges a large gathering of musicians, there is also little about the real way Elvis made music. He listens to black music and almost by osmosis and beauty becomes the king of rock ‘n’ roll

While Butler is short, laughing and sweating, he pulls off the seemingly impossible. Elvis’ beautiful beauty, which remained even when his body changed, is one of the obstacles, as is his special character and his talent. Butler’s performance picks up as Elvis gets older, especially when he hits Las Vegas. One of the insurmountable problems, however, is that Luhrmann can’t allow a single scene or song to play without worrying about it – cut in, throw up, turn the camera this way and that, push it in and out – it’s a distraction , in the usual bad times forever means he shows him and walks away from Butler himself or his young star is trying hard to burn the house down.

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