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Everest Movie – So, I didn’t have any plans to do a movie review this month, and even after watching this movie, I didn’t want to, but now, over a week later, I’m still interested (specifically, stories related to stories, movies not), I decided I needed to review this film in isolation. This allows us to say a lot more about this film than we can by limiting ourselves to monthly reviews!

The movie is based on a true story (that doesn’t mean all the scenes actually happened, of course they should be more dramatic to keep the audience engaged). He died on May 10, 1996 in one day (the event took place between He 10 and 11). I knew nothing about the story (I was 13 at the time and had no interest in world news), so I went to the movies knowing nothing.

Everest Movie

Everest Movie

The film follows the journey of Rob Hall (a popular mountain guide turned highly qualified commercial mountain guide) and his team (consisting of paying clients and hired Sherpas). Mount Everest on Earth. Everything seems to be going well, but for some reason, some climbers (Rob and Scott included) get stuck in the so-called “death zone” when heavy storms hit.

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When we (the audience) were on the edge of our seats, watching those men and women struggle to survive, we cried when Rob spoke to his wife for the last time (I Did I screw it up for you? Sorry, I… Googling this story Rob finds things you didn’t know, so I guess it’s okay to spill) and Marvel at the sheer beauty of Mount Everest (watch it in Imax, folks. You have 3D too).

The movie itself is pretty good, it’s not great, it’s too long, and the first half of the movie (setup and character introduction) might be boring for some people (but it wasn’t boring for me ). Also, I think the actors played real people very well. Of course, Jake Gyllenhaal caught my eye. I will always love him *LOL*.

Another thing that caught my eye was Jason Clarke. I’ve seen him in so many movies and never thought he was attractive in the slightest *LOL* But his role as Rob Hall makes him the star. I understand He is charismatic and draws you in, especially with his icy blue eyes.

I definitely recommend this movie (although, as I said before, it takes a while to get to the action part, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re easily bored and very impatient), scenery Or just for eye protection.

Movie Review: Everest (2015)

I love the movie itself, but it’s the story itself that draws me in like a magnet. What makes people interested in Everest and risk their lives to climb it? What’s special? It is said to be a very simple type of mountain with all commercial climbing services except that it is very difficult to climb and why I killed the best in the climbing world. Not K2 for example (seriously, my climbing vocabulary increased exponentially after seeing Everest *LOL*, never heard of K2)!

Additionally, there were some cryptic scenes in the film that confused Hanni and I. What just happened…? Anyway, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, stop here (spoiler alert!!!) and come back when you’re done (please! Let’s discuss it!). I’m not going to.

After seeing Everest, I found what Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčEverest he calls a bug. I was very intrigued and wanted to know more about what happened on May 10, 1996, so I started researching the events (and read John Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air For *two days*, a journalist who attended Rob Hall’s expedition, he also explained that the film version of his story was “bullshit” (LOL), an interview with a survivor (unfortunately, the first survivor’s It turns out that some died within months or years.In other climbing accidents) and (surprise? I love documentaries. Think TV Boss., I’m not stupid. Actually I’m probably smarter than most of you lol.

Everest Movie

I don’t know about you, but what I really wanted to know was what confused me throughout the movie.If you don’t know anything about climbing like I do, you’re probably just as confused as I am. (or maybe not. Tell me, I can be a bit ambivalent at times). of these questions.

See The Real Climb Behind The Movie ‘everest’

First of all, I was very impressed by the scene where I passed by something that looked like a human being on the way up. Adam lay down but the team passed him. What was it that was really human on stage? Why? Yes, this is the person. Or rather, the human body. Because he is no longer alive and he hasn’t been for a while. Over 200 climbers have died on Everest. Many of them are still lying there at this very moment. They stay there for various reasons, mainly because it is impossible (and very expensive) to get them off the mountain (especially if they are around death zones), another reason is , the person’s family never agreed to move the body.

Why didn’t the members of the expedition attack the bodies? Unlike me, they already knew there were many bodies around (mostly covered in snow, but some are still visible), and they know that if they are incapacitated while in the death zone, they probably can. No one can help them if they walk or do not move on their own.

One of his most famous bodies on Everest, Green Boots. he was a particular sign for climbers

What is Deathzone? This is the area above 8000 meters where there is not enough oxygen for humans to breathe. There is no possibility of air conditioning and a person cannot live there for more than 48 hours.Death He has a dead body when he is in the zone, so he has to climb to the top and get down as soon as possible (also unreasonable). It’s possible, and if you breathe hard, it’s even harder to climb!). If a climber is injured, falls into the death zone, or becomes immobilized, it is considered dead.

Everest Movie Poster (#1 Of 4)

I was confused when Andy Harris said he didn’t have a full tank of oxygen and John Krakauer said he did. Me: What’s wrong? where is the oxygen? Did the Sherpa forget to put perishables in there? Or is someone else using them?

Answer: We have a new supply of oxygen. Andy Harris probably suffers from altitude sickness, one of the first symptoms of which is confusion. According to Into Thin Air, this is one of his key moments that contribute significantly to the tragedy. Of course, we don’t know, but from what I’ve read, that’s the reason for the scene above.

Another interesting point for me about movies and real life is the age difference between Rob Hall and Scott Fisher. That explains why Scott was 40. Jason Clarke, who played Rob, was 46, and Jake Gyllenhaal, who played Scott, was 34. I’ve always been older than Rob Scott since I first saw the movie, and now I know!

Everest Movie

Oh I don’t know if any of the readers of this blog will find it

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