Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan

Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan – Portal Purokrto – Why does the drum play as the players hit it? Guess which part of this player’s shot is moving?

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Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan

Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan

Therefore, the sound of the drum is produced because the players hit vibrates the skin on the side of the drum which is meant to vibrate or produce sound.

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Well, this vibrating thing will make a sound. So it is clear whether the source of the drum sound is a moving object.

In fact, liquids transmit sound better than gases, and solids transmit sound better than liquids.

While the types of sounds are divided based on the frequency of the sound. You should know that there are several frequencies of sound:

Very low sound frequency and less than 20 Hz. Only dogs, bats, geese and horses can hear infrasound.

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The frequency of this sound is 20 Hz-20,000 KHz. Now this sound frequency that we can hear as normal people.

Ultrasound is high-frequency sound with frequencies greater than 20,000 KHz. This sound can be heard by dolphins and bats.

If you’ve ever been in a music studio, you’ll see a variety of materials throughout the room, from carpet to cork or foam.

Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan

These are things that absorb the sound and prevent the sound from getting too loud and going out of the studio room.

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Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan

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Just read Surah Ikhlas 1 time at this time, said Mubah Moin, then there is abundance of sustenance, the Prophet ﷺ guarantees that this musical instrument can be found in almost all parts of the peninsula.

The method of drumming is to beat or hit the membrane on the side of the drum body. The beat or rhythm provided by the dholak depends on the needs of the song. The rhythm of the stroke also varies.

Drums are common in almost every region of the peninsula. Each region plays drums with specific rhythms and beats along with traditional dance arts and traditional songs. Although they have different names in many regions, such as Candang, Gendang and Candang, the object in question is the same.

A drum instrument is like a tube that tapers at one end. The size of the diameter of the two sides is different from each other. In general, the shapes do not vary much from region to region, but there are differences in the diameter of the drum size, the carvings on the outside of the drum, and the animal skins used as membranes.

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Drum-like membranous musical instruments are believed to have existed in Java since the 9th century AD. The presence of drums in the peninsula can be traced back to several temples such as Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Shiva Temple, Tigawang Temple and Panatharan Temple. The presence of the gendang itself probably derives from ancient musical instruments such as the moko or nikara, which were played by percussion. In Indonesia, the drums in each region have different carvings from one region to another and the method of tapping/beating the drum is specific to each region.

In the performance of a musical performance, the drum plays an important role as a regulator of rhythm and tempo. Songs can move faster if the drum beat is accelerated by the players. Gendang is also used in Javanese gamelan. In addition to accompaniment, drums can also be played independently in a performance. Usually, the performances that are shown are the drumming skills between the drummers.

Drums also became a hallmark of dangdut music. Almost every dang dut song uses the drum as a tempo and rhythm regulator. The presence of drums can also be seen in Orkes Melayu (OM) performances, and some OMs only recruit professional drummers to join them.

Gendang Berbunyi Karena Pukulan Pemain Menggetarkan

Drums can also be found in any traditional celebration like weddings, shadow puppet shows, puppet shows and traditional musical performances like Kempsari.

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The main material for making the drum body is wood. The best wood that is durable and strong is wood from jackfruit, sampedak or coconut trees. The tree will be uprooted and cut horizontally to lengths ranging from 30 cm to 45 cm. The gendang craftsman will then use a chisel to make a hole in the center of the cut tree. The drilling process is done carefully, because if the craftsman is not careful, the side of the drum can be damaged and they have to repeat the hole from the beginning using another wood.

After the process of drilling holes in the drum is complete, the artisans will move to the outside and smooth it out. If the drum is half finished, the next step is to place animal skins on both sides of the drum, usually cow, buffalo, deer or goat skin is used. Buffalo skin is generally used to produce a bam sound (low sound), while goat skin is used to produce a chang sound (high sound). The animal skin is then tied to one or both sides of the drum using rattan rope or string.

To change the pitch of the sound produced, players can tighten or loosen the tension on the rattan rope connecting the drum skin. The tighter the connection, the louder the sound, and the looser the connection, the weaker the sound. Adjusting the pitch and pitch of the drum is usually done before the performance.

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