Gwen Shamblin Movie

Gwen Shamblin Movie – Jennifer Grey, left, on Nov. 21 posted a photo of herself showing off her Gwen Shamblin Lara. The “Dirty Dancing” star will play Shamblin Lara in Lifetime’s 2023 movie “Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation.” WireImage, AP

Jennifer Gray is giving fans a sneak peek at how she transformed late diet guru and church leader Gwen Shamblin Lara for Lifetime’s 2023 film “Gwen Shamblin: Hungry for Salvation.”

Gwen Shamblin Movie

Gwen Shamblin Movie

The “Dirty Dancing” star looks unrecognizable in a photo she posted of herself on Nov. 21 on Instagram. The picture shows Gray wearing a thick blond wig to mimic Shamblin Lara’s controversial long hairstyle. She also sports heavy lipstick and eye makeup the same way Shamblin Lara does.

Sarah Paulson To Play Gwen Shamblin In ‘the Way Down’

Shamblin Lara, whose life is depicted in the 2021-2022 HBO Max docuseries “The Way Down: God, Greed, and the Cult of Gwen Shamblin,” became famous for founding the Brentwood, Tennessee-based Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999 and creating of the faith-based food program Weigh Down Workshop. Along the way, he amassed a fortune and lived a famous and luxurious lifestyle.

Shamblin Lara died along with her husband, former “Tarzan: The Epic Adventures” star Joe Lara, and five others in May 2021 when the small private plane they were traveling in crashed into a lake in Tennessee.

Last September, Variety reported that Emmy Award winner Sarah Paulson will play Shamblin Lara in a scripted adaptation of the HBO Max documentaries.

Gina Vivinetto is a writer for . He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where he spends his free time hiking, reading, and cuddling with his “Friends” box set. He and his wife, Molly, are the proud mothers of two former feral cats, Sophie and Pierre, and a rescue dog named Gracie. star turned Shamblin, the spiritual leader who founded the controversial Remnant Fellowship Church and the Weigh Down Workshop.

See Jennifer Grey’s Hair Raising Transformation Into Gwen Shamblin

Alas, she is as famous for her over-the-top makeup and giant hair as she is for her religious practices.

“You can see her mental health coming down through her hair,” Gray exclusively told E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “The hair is growing as he loses touch with reality.”

So, to become Shamblin, Gray spent two hours in hair-and-makeup every day and relied on two human hair wigs, which she described as “the young church girl bob.” and “mountain of hair.”

Gwen Shamblin Movie

It is not surprising that during the course of filming, he and the film’s hair stylist got to know each other well.

Jennifer Grey Previews Lifetime’s Gwen Shamblin Movie

Made with real human hair, the wigs “aren’t the kind you wear on Halloween,” Gray explains. In the course of filming, she and the film’s hair stylist became famous.

“She had to wear the wig and my hair was fine,” Gray said. “I have a lot of hair. He had to make me look like I had no hair with a cap, then the wig was then secured.”

“It’s very hard on my head,” Gray said of the larger wig. “After going out, I’m going to have a bit of a headache. It’s going to hurt.”

Gray also paid special attention to Shamblin’s lip liner and how it went along with her mental state. As he told E!, “I track where he is in his trajectory by how outside the lines he’s willing to draw.”

When Was Gwen Shamblin In A Plane Crash?

“I think it made him better,” he said. “She probably didn’t feel beautiful because she had to do all this minimization and maximization and so many changes to her natural self. Her natural self, she probably felt bad.” star to play controversial late Christian diet guru and megachurch leader Gwen Shamblin Lara in the upcoming Lifetime movie,

, which debuts in early 2023. And Jennifer teased her new role on Instagram, sharing a monitor photo of herself with Gwen’s messy hair.

And the heavy teasing of Jennifer’s blonde hair stopped followers in their tracks with some friends taking to the comments to call out the striking resemblance to Gwen. “OMG‼️‼️‼️‼️” Katie Couric wrote, along with actress Sasha Alexander, “AH-MA azing!!!!”

Gwen Shamblin Movie

Celebrity hairstylist Tracey Cunningham shared a series of fire emojis while Michael J. Fox expressed his surprise at the change, commenting, “Ok….. you have my full attention.”

Watch The Way Down: God, Greed, And The Cult Of Gwen Shamblin

Jennifer’s new Lifetime project is one of four new shows from the network centered around prominent women, including

Details Gwen Shamblin’s successful Christian weight loss program, the Weigh Down Workshop, and her subsequent Tennessee-based megachurch Remnant Fellowship.

However, while the film traces Gwen’s life until her sudden death in a plane crash in 2021, along with her husband Joe and five others, it also doesn’t shy away from the dark underbelly of her desires.

“At the height of her power and influence,” the network said, “Gwen demanded that members of the church disassociate themselves from any non-members, renounce excessive force, threatened legal action against of the disobedient, and severe punishment was imposed on those. in accordance with the principles of the church.”

Jennifer Grey To Play Christian Cult Leader And Diet Guru Gwen Shamblin In Lifetime Movie — Geektyrant

And Jennifer wasn’t the only actress who played the famous Gwen. Sarah Paulson is set to star in the HBO Max adaptation of the 2021 docuseries The Way Down, which follows the life and sudden death of Gwen, which explores the strange and disturbing story of the Remnant Fellowship Church, a religious cult that there is a toxic emphasis on dieting. Founder Gwen Shamblin’s first success was The Weigh Down Workshop, a Christian diet program that preached highly intuitive eating with fundamentalist values. If that doesn’t sound good, it pales in comparison to the horrific abuses church members have experienced. And if the whole saga wasn’t weird enough, Shamblin died in a plane crash earlier this year, along with his wife and some of his colleagues.

Are available now, while the latter two will debut in early 2022. Below, some important things to know about Shamblin before you start splurging.

Shamblin, who said she struggled with her weight in college, started a diet consulting practice in the 1980s, which soon morphed into the Weigh Down Workshop. The workshop essentially encouraged people to pray for pounds, preaching that if you turn to God, “he will keep you holy and protect you from overeating.” This is according to a

Gwen Shamblin Movie

Piece from 2004, which also says Shamblin believes “greed is a moral failure.” (Which should give you some indication of how psychologically healthy the whole program is.)

Who Is Gwen Shamblin From Hbo Max Docuseries ‘the Way Down’?

Shamblin was raised in the conservative Church of Christ, which does not allow female leaders. So in the late 1990s, he broke away and created his own.

After years of success with the Weigh Down program, Shamblin has sold millions of books and appeared

. The logical next step was to expand his brand, so in 1999 he founded the Remnant Fellowship Church, which encourages its members to pray beyond hunger and “turn away from the love of food and into love of God.” The church promises a world where “Husbands are good like Christ, wives are obedient, and children obey their parents and find JOY in doing so,” according to a note on its official website written by Shamblin’s daughter Elizabeth Hannah. The church has more than 1,500 members worldwide.

The lively Remnant Fellowship Church website offers a variety of advice on topics such as how to raise a God-fearing family, how to maintain your chastity during courtship, and how to raise obedient children. “While divorce, depression, obesity and out-of-control children are more common these days, in Remnant we experience healed marriages, growing happiness, restored health, settled finances and children who want to follow their parents’ guidance,” the About section. But that’s not all the Remnant members experience.

Sarah Paulson To Play Christian Cult Leader And Diet Guru Gwen Shamblin In New Scripted Series Based On Docuseries At Hbo — Geektyrant

, the church is a money-making business for Shamblin, and a cult that allegedly promotes child abuse. The first red flag came in 2004, when an 8-year-old boy died in Atlanta and his parents, who were members of the Remnant, were charged with his murder. According to

, authorities raided Shamblin’s office as part of the murder investigation. “A lot of our evidence is that they are disciplining their children in ways that are recommended by the church,” a police captain said at the time. “It’s possible that these two parents took what they learned to heart.”

, Shamblin exercised surprising power over all areas of church members’ lives, including their finances, their marriages, and who they were allowed to see.

Gwen Shamblin Movie

Director Marina Zenovich concludes the documentary, the story changes. On May 29, 2021, Shamblin and her husband William Joseph “Joe” Lara were aboard a piloted jet plane that crashed into a lake near Nashville, Tennessee. All on board were killed, including Shamblin, Lara (who was piloting the plane), and five church members.

Jennifer Grey Looks Unrecognizable As Cult Leader Gwen Shamblin: Photo

, the crash complicated documents, in part because so many people were suddenly willing to talk to the filmmakers. These include “former congregants who said they once did not want to publicly oppose the church because they still had family members with them, and relatives of those who died in the crash who doubted the church and now share their stories.”


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