How To Get The Perfect Heart Hairstyle For Your Little Girl In 2023

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As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect hairstyle for your little girl. Not only do you have to worry about what style she will like, but you also have to consider what will look best on her. In 2023, one of the most popular hairstyles for little girls is the heart hairstyle. This style is stylish, yet still age appropriate with a touch of whimsy. Read on to learn more about this darling look and how to get it for your daughter.

What is the Heart Hairstyle?

The heart hairstyle is a classic, whimsical look that is perfect for little girls. It is created by taking two small sections of hair on either side of the head and braiding them. The braids are then pulled back and pinned into a heart shape. This style is ideal for little girls, as it is both adorable and comfortable. It can also be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Prepping the Hair

Before you attempt to create the heart hairstyle, you will need to properly prep the hair. Start by shampooing and conditioning the hair, then towel drying it. Next, you can either blow dry the hair or allow it to air dry. If you choose to blow dry, use a diffuser to ensure that you don’t create too much frizz. Once the hair is dry, you will need to apply a light leave-in conditioner, then brush through the hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Creative the Braids

Once the hair is prepped, you can begin creating the braids. Start by parting the hair down the middle and securing the top half with a hair tie. Next, you will need to section off the two sides of the hair, then start creating the braids. If your daughter’s hair is longer, you can opt for a French braid instead. Once the braids are complete, pull them back and secure them in the back with bobby pins.

Form the Heart Shape

Once the braids are secured, you can start forming the heart shape. Take the two braids and cross them over one another, then secure them in the back with bobby pins. You may need to adjust the shape of the heart slightly, to make sure that it is symmetrical. When the heart shape is complete, you can spray it with a light hairspray to keep the shape in place.


The final step in getting the perfect heart hairstyle is to accessorize. If your daughter loves to wear accessories, you can easily add a few extra touches to the style. Try adding small barrettes or clips with bows or flowers on the ends. You can also add a few beads or ribbons to the braid itself. This will give the style an extra dose of whimsy and make it even more special.


The heart hairstyle is a classic look that is perfect for little girls. Not only is it cute and stylish, but it is also comfortable and can be dressed up or down. To get the perfect heart hairstyle for your daughter, start by prepping the hair, then create the braids, form the heart shape, and accessorize. With a few simple steps, you can create a look that your daughter will love.

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