Jackie Robinson Movie

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Chadwick Boseman is promoting Jackie Robinson in the 42nd film. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jackie Robinson Movie

Jackie Robinson Movie

April 15th is Jackie Robinson Day in baseball. Because Jackie made his major league debut on that day in 1947. In honor of the occasion, I decided to take it a step further with this week’s review. I was not disappointed.

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I don’t need to tell you the story of Jackie Robinson. Especially if you’ve seen the movie, based on the research I’ve done, it’s very historically accurate. If it’s a memorable line or moment from a movie, it probably happened in real life. After Chapman hurled endless racial slurs at Jake, Eddie Stankey yelled at Ben Chapman. Peavy showed his friends and family who Rhys Robinson is by catching him during a game in Cincinnati. Branch tells the story of Ricky Charles Thomas and the storyteller, whose choice to unify baseball was for both business and moral reasons. Even Ed Charles came to a Montreal Royals exhibition game and prayed for Jackie’s success. Jackie Robinson was kicked out of Sanford and endured even more limelight.

In fact, there seems to be only one dramatic scene in the film that bears no real-life parallel, Jackie walking down the hallway to the clubhouse after Chapman’s second confrontation. However, this scene plays an important role in helping the audience understand the suffering Jackie must endure day in and day out with this type of treatment. It can also help clarify your stress levels. Jackie Robinson died at age 53 of diabetes and heart disease. It’s a matter of the heart that doesn’t help the pressure other black baseball players face as leaders and heroes.

The set design and sound design are also great. Jackie’s self-restraint strips the character of her humanity and emphasizes how she feels trapped and subjugated to something else. After just a few steps into the tunnel, Puck disappears and his slow return to the court shows just how far removed he is from the reality of the day-to-day game. He is going through a lot of depression.

But without the talent, the scene almost wouldn’t work. After this movie, everyone knows who Chadwick Boseman is since he played Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for my money, this performance is even more impressive. At that time, he was almost unknown to the public. He mainly appeared in small guest roles in major television series

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. His back-to-back performances are the reason why this film is more of a starting point than the pinnacle of his career. The amount of emotion he can convey through his facial expressions and body language, even without speaking, is amazing. He really sold the tunnel scene with his screams and shouts.

The movie is generally well made. Most of the actors involved look like the people they represent now, albeit with little to do. Then there’s Alan Tudyk, with Ben Chapman showing everything he can hate as a real-life villain. Harrison Ford may have hit a career high. I’ve seen a lot of Harrison Ford roles in my life and like most action stars, most of his plays involve the same character in different situations. But the performance was so different from his screen persona that if I didn’t know him that well, I wouldn’t have believed I recognized him. Much credit must be given to the clothing and beauty department.

If there’s one complaint about the movie, it’s about the music. In most cases, this is fine. It does its job and is not really noticeable. But if you pay attention, it’s a bit too much. This is highlighted in Jackie Robinson’s house with the thugs at the end of the film. Yes, he helped push the Dodgers to the pennant. But that’s never what the film is about, and acting like this feels strangely like its ultimate triumph. This can be a challenge when writing a movie. It should end on a big triumphant note, but the film’s true triumphs are too small to fit into those moments. However, the music didn’t do any good.

Jackie Robinson Movie

If I had a second complaint, it would be with Jackie getting up and admiring his home runs and slowly chasing the bases behind them. I’m not 100% sure this isn’t historically accurate, but none of that works in the current state of baseball. For a black man in 1947, I can’t imagine it going any differently. It was also a challenge Ricky wanted to avoid giving to opposing players.

Stars Of ’42’ Talk Jackie Robinson’s Legacy

But that’s a relatively minor quibble with both great movies. Rarely has historical material been treated with such reverence. It’s rare for actors to show such great looks in a sports movie. But this film definitely covers both and is well worth your time. I had another movie review for this post, but in light of the recent tragic death of Chadwick Boseman, I thought it would be more appropriate to look at one of his movies. . Most of you can relate to Bosman

But this was not the movie I was expecting. Although he is absolutely perfect for the King of Wakanda, he is also perfect for portraying the very popular player Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson was the first black major league baseball player of the 20th century. Some say he was the first black professional player, but I’d say they’re wrong. Fun Fact!: Moses Fleetwood Walker was the first to play for the Toledo Blue Sox in 1884. Then there are several other black players in the major leagues. But a few years later, in 1887, after racial strife, the managers of the International League agreed not to sign any more black players. When Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers in April 1947, the color barrier was broken again and baseball changed forever.

It’s a drama about Robinson’s transition to major league baseball after facing racism. Brooklyn Dodgers owner Ricky (Harrison Ford) assigned Robinson first to the minor league Montreal Royals and then to the Brooklyn Dodgers. His teammates signed petitions not to play with Robinson, other coaches hurled racial slurs at him when he tried to hit him, and hotels refused to accommodate the team because of Robinson. This is disgusting. But he fights back the best way he knows how, by being a badass player. The Dodgers would win Rookie of the Year that year, and Robinson would win Rookie of the Year.

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Boseman is great in this role. Behind his tough exterior is a great sense of pride, and it’s hard to watch him finally break down in his first game against the Pirates. It makes you understand the character, and when an actor does that, you know he’s a good person. Good Ford, performance is great as usual. She is almost unrecognizable because she wears fake makeup and has a deep, hoarse voice. I love seeing the Dodgers players realize what they’ve built and Robinson’s constant criticism. Isn’t it funny when that happens to you? I appreciate the character development.

I also appreciate sports movies. I can be

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