Jennifer Mcclellan Announces Candidacy For Virginia Governor

Jennifer Mcclellan Announces Candidacy For Virginia Governor – Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClain ’97, Democratic gubernatorial candidate for the 2021 election and Virginia School of Economics alumna, will give a virtual speech to freshmen on Monday.

If elected, McClain would be Virginia’s first female governor and the nation’s first black female governor. The country was divided in the past. Elected to the Virginia House of Representatives at age 32, she became the first congresswoman to hold office with a child.

Jennifer Mcclellan Announces Candidacy For Virginia Governor

Jennifer Mcclellan Announces Candidacy For Virginia Governor

As a student, he became president of the Virginia Young Democrats and spent his weekends campaigning across the state. He also served on the outreach committee of the UVA Student Council, editorial development editor for the Virginia Review, and as a member of the Arts Student Council.

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Serving in the Virginia Legislature is a part-time job; Events last from 45 to 60 days In his “day job” he was a senior consultant for Verizon Communications

In a speech at UVA celebrating 100 years of integration, McClellan emphasized the power of understanding how history shapes society.

“As a grandson of slaves, with parents who lived through Jim Crow, and a history buff in general, I’ve devoted myself to learning all aspects of Virginia and American history and world history,” he said. I do this because you don’t know how far we have come as a nation and society if you don’t understand every aspect of history that has shaped this country.

He answered some questions and previewed his speech to the Class of 2023 and other new students.

Sen Jennifer Mcclellan Is Running For Virginia Governor

As the daughter of a community leader and educator in the Depression-era independent South, I grew up with the strength of a labor leader and the call to strengthen my community. My family’s experience and the study of history taught me that governments can be forced to solve problems or oppress minorities. At an early age, I was dedicated to ensuring that government was a force for positive change for all For most of my life, I have channeled those values ​​into my commitment to progress, fairness and justice in society During my more than 14 years as a legislator in the Virginia General Assembly, I have embraced those values ​​as a leader in the community, in the Democratic Party.

I am a force for progressive change in Virginia, investing in education, growing small businesses, increasing access to health care, working against discrimination and injustice, protecting workers’ rights and voting rights, and leading national initiatives to reform criminal laws. Protect women’s rights to choose and address climate change

But it is up to the governor to set the agenda through the budget, elections and administration. Virginia is at a critical time in our history, when we are dealing with epidemics, economic crisis, decision-making and public uncertainty and lack of faith in government’s ability to solve problems. I am running for governor to be an inclusive leader who will address the inequities in all of our systems so that no Virginian is left behind, build and drive a brighter future for all Virginians. Progress and Completion Public problems

Jennifer Mcclellan Announces Candidacy For Virginia Governor

Epidemics are an unprecedented challenge How can the public and its universities achieve this?

Jennifer Mcclellan Wins Democratic ‘firehouse Primary’ For The Late Rep. Donald Mceachin’s Virginia House Seat

Universities and colleges must deal with the current crisis to keep people safe, but they also need to learn from it First, we need to do everything we can to keep people as safe as possible We need to carefully examine and understand the vulnerabilities in our health care and economic safety nets, across all industries, including higher education, and adjust to meet current needs while preparing for the next crisis. We need to understand how the pandemic will affect not only our current health, but the financial models used by state governments and large corporations/businesses across the board. We need to identify the conditions that are present, but accelerated by the pandemic and the economic crisis, and adapt to them. Higher education institutions are laboratories for innovation and evidence-based decision making, and are well positioned to assist in this process.

As Governor, I will bring my expertise and experience to building a strong, inclusive economy that leaves no one behind and empowers small businesses and workers as the backbone of our economy. Its foundation is a quality and equitable public education system from infancy to institutions that prepares students to become the entrepreneurs and workers of tomorrow. I will also focus on creating an affordable healthcare system that everyone can access and ensuring that reproductive health and mental health are included in that system. I will focus on building a stronger and more inclusive democracy

“Life happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” It’s good to have a goal, but you have to be willing to deviate from the path you envision for yourself and walk through suddenly open doors. And you have to be prepared to know how to take advantage of it For example, when I arrived at UVA in 1994, I considered becoming a consultant to a congressional committee, specifically the Senate Judiciary. But, last fall, that changed a lot And I didn’t want to work there that summer So, I ended up working in the private sector, because good people can make business stronger for good My plan is to work hard, get promoted, get married, have kids, retire, and then maybe…run for office. But in 2005, my voila Baskerville decided to run for lieutenant governor. Then another opportunity came I was at a real crossroads in my life, wondering what my path was But I still think about it a lot, and I saw it later in my life when I joined the Young Democrats. . One day. But why wait? If I run and lose, this is my answer: Politics is not my path However, if I didn’t take this opportunity, another one might never come, and I’d just ask, “What happened?”

And I ran. And I won. Then I got married, started a family, and became a force for change sooner than I expected.

Jennifer Mcclellan Launches Virginia Governor Bid

Here, you will acquire the necessary skills to succeed in your desired career But it should be more than that

If you were like me when I first got here, the thought of not doing it is terrifying But I had to be willing to fail in my first battle so that I could succeed today and impact people across the country. And history is full of great men who took chances, and sometimes failed – some were amazing But they get up, learn from their failures and achieve great things

Founded in 1819, the University of Virginia is the nation’s oldest institution of higher learning Virginia is a popular training ground for leaders, public servants, instilling in them a commitment to leadership, integrity and community service.

Jennifer Mcclellan Announces Candidacy For Virginia Governor

The 15-year-old Megan Strand ’08 Jesup Mott Court coach team heads to the Mott Court Super-Regional on February 24.

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One year after the Russian invasion, UVA is demanding human rights help Ukraine students prosecute war crimes – Jennifer McClellan, Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, said during a debate at Virginia State University in Petersburg. April 6, 2021. In Congress, the late A. On Sunday, December 20, 2022, McClellan won the nomination in the Firehouse primary over Sen. Joe Morrissey and two other candidates (Apple Photo/Steve Helber, File)

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia voters on Tuesday elected state lawmaker Jennifer McClellan of Richmond to fill an open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, where she made history as the first black woman to represent the state. In the assembly

“We will make this country and this country a better place for everyone,” McClain said in a victory speech at a rally with supporters in Richmond. “I am ready to go to work,” he said.

McClellan defeated Southwestern Republican candidate Leon Benjamin, 50, in a special election for the blue-chip 4th District, which has its population center in the city and is located in southern North Carolina.

Norfolk City Councilwoman Andria Mcclellan Exploring Run For Virginia Lieutenant Governor

The seat opened after the death of Democrat Donald McCutchen, who died in November after a long battle with the after-effects of lung cancer, a week after running for a fourth term. McClain

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