Karen – Kar is a slang term for a white woman, implying a title or claim outside the normal range.

The term is often featured in memes that claim white supremacy as their own.



The term is considered pejorative by those who believe it is sexist, ageist, classist, and used to control women’s behavior.

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By 2020, the term is increasingly appearing in the media and social media as a general critique of middle-class white people, including the Covid-19 pandemic and the George Floyd protests.

In African-American culture, difficult white people or those who “weaponize” their position have a history of being called a derogatory term.

In late 2018, before the use of “Car” was recognized, associated names were used to match specific experiments, such as “Barbecue Becky”, “Cornerstore Caroline”, and “Permit Patty”.

Carr’s early use as a punchline includes the 2004 film Mean Girls, Dane Cook’s 2005 sketch “The Frid Nobody Likes” Carr’s character (Amanda Seyfried) on her album Retaliation.

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And a 2016 internet meme of a woman in an ad for the Nintendo Switch console depicting her perceived anti-social behavior and the nickname “anti-cur”.

In December 2017, a Carr meme called wom wt went viral on Reddit, originating from user karmacop9 talking about his ex-wife, Carr. The posts led to the creation of the subreddit r/FuckYouKar, with memes about the posts, and inspiring spinoffs, including r/kar and r/titledKars, devoted to car criticism.

A clearer explanation involving race is an expression that originated among blacks to refer to an unreasonable white woman.


The term became popular on black Twitter as a meme used to describe a white woman “suffering black kids lemonade.”

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Bitch magazine describes cur as a term derived from black vom but co-opted by white em.

In an article about incidents of white people calling the police on black people in the US, The Guardian called 2020 “the year of the courses”.

Kansas State University professor Heather Suzanne Woods, whose research interests include memes, said Curry’s defining characteristics are crying, a willingness and desire to pretend, and an approach to interacting with others.

According to Woods, a Taurus “wants the world to conform to his standards and is willing to risk or abuse others to achieve his goals.”

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Writing for Beach, Rachel Charles Lewis agrees that Taurus doesn’t see others as individuals and is instead willing to fight the faceless collection of people around the world who won’t give her what she wants and less than she thinks she deserves. ….”

The meme contains several stereotypes, the most prominent of which is the door asking to “speak to the manager” of a hypothetical service provider.

A specific bob haircut with intense use of Facebook and blonde highlights. Images of Kate Gosselin and Jeannie McCarthy’s bob cut are often used to depict the cut,


According to April Williams of the University of Michigan, the memes “actively invoke white supremacy and call for restoration.”

Donald Trump Is The Ultimate Karen

The Time meme is “Internet shorthand for … a special kind of white-instigated racial violence — following a long and troubling legacy of white people in the country weaponizing their victims.”

Meredith Clark, a media researcher at the University of Virginia, says it’s the idea of ​​white people who should be wary of black people because she doesn’t hesitate to use “specialism” to appeal to others. ; A person’s name is not always so specific.”

Curr Grigsby Bates, who admits that Curr Grigsby Bates is part of a sequence of characters like Miss Annie and Becky, played a Jeopardy sketch with Chadwick on Saturday night in which white people understood the concept of Curr because black people used the word. Boseman plays his Black Panther character T’Challa.

“The image of a white woman calling the police on a black man gives the lie to the myth of racial innocence,” notes the Guardian. Modern Carr has been compared to Carolyn Bryant (the white woman accused by Emmett Till of murdering him) and Mayella Ewell (a fictional character in the 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird).

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The meme became popular in 2020, with the Black Lives Matter movement growing in response to many events.

Andre Brock, a Georgia Tech professor of black digital culture, linked the meme’s virality in the summer of 2020 to the coronavirus pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, and the birdwatching incident in Central Park, noting that the two events happened within a week. At a time when most of the world is forced to stay at home and has a lot of free time to watch videos.

She said the two videos are going viral as a result of a “convergence of interests” in which the pandemic “combines with mass outrage over police brutality” and “highlights the extreme violence and fatal consequences of a white woman selfishly calling the police. Hate and fear.”


April Williams of the University of Michigan calls it a “black activist meme” and warns that while it may ultimately be beneficial in helping people identify problematic behaviors, the jokes minimize their threat to black people.

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Kar Attia, The Washington Post’s Global Opinions editor, not only accused it of lacking historical context, but argued that naming it would diminish real discrimination.

The term is usually used to refer to a woman, but The Atlantic notes that “a man could easily be called a Taurus,” and staff writer David A. Graham called President Donald Trump “the main machine.”

Similarly, in November 2020, a tweet titled “Spacecraft” about Elon Musk’s comments regarding the effectiveness of COVID-19 testing went viral.

With little agreement on a single name, a man like Curry went by many names.

Karen L. Cox

One of the most commonly used names. The Jim Crow era male equivalent of Miss Ann is Mr. Charlie.

Some call the term sexist, ageist, classist and anti-feminist. Hadley Freeman, columnist and feature writer for The Guardian,

It has been argued that the use of memes has become less about describing behavior and “silencing women” than about controlling memes.


Jennifer Weiner, writing for the New York Times during the COVID-19 pandemic, says the meme was able to silence her and balance her desire to complain about someone out there coughing, sneezing and spitting in public. on the sidewalk, fearing that he would be called a bull.

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In August 2020, Hell Lewis wrote in The Atlantic: “The car has become synonymous with femininity among shy women. Now there is a market that is measured by the attention and approval of everyone who can smell the car.”

Lewis also notes the “finger trap” of the term, saying, “What’s more to complain about being called ‘curd’?”

British journalist and feminist Julie Bindell asked: “Does anyone think the slur ‘cur’ is misogynistic and based on class prejudice?”

Freeman said it was “sexist, ageist and classist in that order”. Caitlin Tiffany, writing in The Atlantic, asks, “Does only a woman do something that annoys people? If so, what is the male equivalent?” When asked, this meme is called mischievous.

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Matt Shimkowitz, Sear’s editor at Know Your Meme, told Business Insider in 2019 that “the white vom has received all kinds of criticism online” and that the demographic has become popular. under the name

In 2018, former Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Commissioner Carr Turner was filmed berating two Toffle, New Jersey, police officers for pulling over a car in which his daughter was traveling.

In December 2019, Australian media reported that a woman named Carr was filmed trying to remove an Aboriginal flag displayed by her neighbors in the city of Mildura. He failed to do so, prompting the Twitter hashtag #TooStrongForYouKar and other social media reactions.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the term was used to describe women abusing Asian-American health care workers due to the virus’ origin in mainland China.

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Both those who hoard essential supplies like toilet paper and those who compulsively control the behavior of others.

In addition to being forced to wear face masks in stores, one critic was prompted to ask whether the term had become a catch-all term for displeasure or criticism of middle-aged white men.

Usage of the term increased from 100,000 million on social media in January 2020 to 2.7 million in May 2020.

In May 2020, Christian Cooper, writing about the Central Park birdwatching incident, said that Amy Cooper’s “inner resort fully emerged and took a dark turn when she began counter-recording”.

Karen: What’s In A Name?

She called the police and recorded herself telling them she was being threatened by an “African-American male.”

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