Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi – The first season of Kulfi Star Music ended recently after more than 400 episodes. With these hundreds of episodes under its belt, the show has managed to bring many of its actors into the limelight. This article will introduce you to those people and will enthrall you with their full story, songs and more.

Episode 1 of Kulfi Star Singer was very popular throughout its run on Starplus. It received high ratings and positive reviews from both critics and audiences. This article attempts to put important information about the show in one place for convenience.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Also known as Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, is an Indian music drama show that airs on Starplus. It is a remake of the Bengali TV series Potol Kumar Ganwala (Potol Kumar the Singer). The series was launched on 19 March 2018 and ran for 494 episodes in its first season. The season finale was played on 7th February 2020. The star singer managed to bring all the latest teasers of Kulfi to his readers this time.

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He is the father of Kulfi who competed for Nimrat but was forced to leave to pursue a career in music. It is described as loving and caring.

She is Sikandar’s second wife after Nimrat and Amyra’s mother. She left Tevar, her ex-boyfriend from college, because he was not rich. She is portrayed as selfish and selfish.

She is the daughter of Lovelin and Tevar, but she grew up believing that Sikandar was her father. She is devastated but manages to form a real relationship with Kulfi after some initial difficulties.

He is a rapper who competes with Sikandar. He is Lovelyn’s ex-boyfriend and Amyra’s father. In the past it was called Gudu.

Kulfi The Singing Star: Cast, Full Story, Plot Summary, Teasers, Songs

She is Kulfi’s mother and Sikandar’s first wife. When Sikandar moved away to pursue music, she was left to raise her daughter alone, suffering from cancer and abuse from her younger sister.

It is broadcast in Hindi but there is provision for translation in other regions outside India. Kulfi Star Singer Full Story in English follows Kulfi, a talented singer. She tries to bring back her long-lost father, Sikandar Singh Gill, through great hardship.

Her father is an upcoming singer who is married to a village girl named Nimrat, and the two get married secretly. Later he was made to choose between her and his career, who would choose the latter and leave to marry a rich woman Lovelin. He did not know that Nimrat was carrying her daughter.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Lovelyn gives birth to Amyra, a spoiled girl. Kulfi grew up in the village with Nimrat. They live with Nimrat’s younger brother Sattu and his wife Nihalo. Nihalo doesn’t like Kulfi but she plans to use her skills.

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Unfortunately, Nimrat falls ill and dies in an accident. When Nihalo tries to sell the kulfi, he is forced to escape with the help of Sattu disguised as a boy. He arrives at Sikandar’s house in Mumbai where Loveleen plans to exploit Amyra’s lip-syncing skills.

It turns out that Amyra’s father is Tevar, Lovelin’s ex-boyfriend. He returned to his child, making things difficult.

Kulfi had an accident, when he was admitted to the hospital, Sikandar realized that he was not a child. Loveleen realizes who he is but lies to Tevar that Kulfi, not Amyra, is his real son. He accepted her and they went back to live together.

Mahinder’s wife Gunjan learns the truth and threatens to expose Loveleen. In an attempt to stop him, he fell down and fainted. Sikandar later learns the truth about Lovelin, Tevar and Amyra. Lovelyn asks her not to tell Amyra the truth. After seeing how much Tevar loves Kulfi, he agrees. Sikandar, Kulfi, Tevar and Amyra become friends. Kulfi knows that she is Sikandar’s daughter but she doesn’t know.

Amyra Helps Kulfi Find Her Father? Little Singer Kulfi 19 September 2022, Monday Pt1: Episode 82

Loveleen poisons Amyra to convince everyone to send Kulfi to boarding school. Nimrat’s spirit prompts Sikandar to read her diary and thus discovers that he is Kulfi’s father.

At this time, she was already sent to the children’s prison where she was suffering badly under Ammaji’s supervision. In this place, she met five other children who bullied her at first but later became her friends. Their names are Saraswati, Bansi, Chittu, Zinda and Roket. They ran away from there and went to Sikandar’s house. He refused to return her because of the promise he made to Amyra.

This broke Kulfi’s heart and ran away with the group again. To take care of them, they participated in Little Superstars, a reality show focused on music. Amyra is also a candidate.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

Mohinder is legally motivated to adopt and develop Kulfi. Sikandar is ashamed of his failure and tries to correct his daughter. In the middle of the show, he announced that he has two daughters (including Amyra). The girls are happy to be together as sisters.

Amyra Disgraces Sikanda. Little Singer Kulfi 28 July 2022, Thursday Pt2: Episode 8

After Gunjan and Sikandar testify, Lovelin is convicted of Nimrat’s murder. She was sent to prison for 8 years.

Jimmy finds his life miserable when Sikandar, Kulfi and Amyra come into the picture. After stealing Amyra, he went out for blood. They manage to rescue Amyr with the help of Lovelyn, who manages to escape from prison.

Sikandar realized that his health was failing and he was on the way to his death. That made her want to treat her girls well. Kulfi learns about his health problems and tries to find a cure for it.

They managed to keep their house safe from Jimmy. Loveleen returns after seeing Kulfi killed. He turns Amyra on Kulfi with the help of Beauty and Cutie. They are responsible for the deterioration of Sikandar’s health because Lovelin is responsible for it.

Sikander Learns Kulfi Is Amyra’s Singer. Little Singer Kulfi 1 September 2022, Thursday Pt1: Episode 58

Chalu helps Kulfi expose Lovelin’s evil and gets Sikandar to heal and reunite with Amyra. Jimmy takes one last shot to try to kill Alexander, but Lovelyn has a change of heart and steps in front of the bullet. He died from the shooting.

The show ends with Sikandar and his girls singing while Kulfi looks at Tara who says her mother.

This concludes our article on Kulfi Songs Star Cast, Summary, Song and Teasers. For more of them, keep browsing our site through the links provided and feel free to comment below.

Little Singer Kulfi Full Movie In Twi

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