Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

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Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

Mardi Gras is a celebration of the Christian calendar that precedes the fasting period of Lent, which precedes Easter. As the tradition is to fast for 40 days during Lent, communities celebrate a feast before the fast, which also allows them to consume the rich foods they still have on hand. This will include foods made from fat like oil and butter, and since meat is banned during Lent, they are also fond of meat dishes.

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Mardi Gras dates vary according to local traditions. In some places it is a one-day celebration, while in others it lasts from the Feast of the Epiphany on January 6 until Shrove Tuesday, which is the day before Ash Wednesday.

Countries around the world celebrate Mardi Gras – often also called Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras – and each celebrates it differently. It was originally a Catholic celebration, so its deepest roots are in traditional Catholic societies, especially in Italy, home of the Pope. Although its origins are in the Catholic Church, today it is a more multicultural event, celebrated for its enjoyment, not as a preparation for fasting. Most celebrations include a great deal of dancing, masques, parades, special foods and lots of drinking. In many places, preparations begin months in advance.

To be honest, I’ve never been to a Mardi Gras celebration. This collaborative article is made up of contributions from many other travelers and bloggers, each describing how Mardi Gras is celebrated in a particular place or the special Mardi Gras foods that are traditional there.

One of the biggest Mardi Gras celebrations in Sardinia is called Sartiglia. It takes place on the last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival in Oristano. It dates back to the medieval times of the Crusades, when horse and military tournaments became very popular.

Mardi Gras Event Themed Entertainment

Nowadays, the show serves only to entertain the public, while in the past it was a show of harvest restitution. Different shows of skill take place during the Sartiglia, but the most famous one is when masked riders (who can also be women, actually) mounted on horses rush towards a star and try to escape it using a spear. Needless to say, the show was exciting.

Claudia Tavani contributed to Strictly Sardinia. Meet Claudia on Facebook at My Appearances Around the World.

Venice Carnival in Italy is one of the most famous and unique carnivals. It is known for its fantastic carnival costumes and masks, excellent entertainment (outdoor and indoor shows, shows and exhibitions) and music, all accompanied by first-class cuisine.

Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

Furthermore, the Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest carnivals in the world. It goes back to the Middle Ages, the mighty Republic of Venice and its aristocrats who were so wealthy that the common people secretly mocked them. But a few days before Lent, the authorities of the Republic of Venice in the Middle Ages allowed the plebs to publicly mock the aristocracy. Masked and costumed, commoners publicly mocked the privileged class, and the rest is history.

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No wonder the stunning Venetian masks and costumes are known as the most beautiful masks in the world. Venetian masks often trace their origins to Commedia dell’Arte characters such as the Plague Doctor, Pantalone, Zanni, Colombina, and Harlequin. For example, Pantalone personifies a kind but greedy Venetian merchant, Zanni represents a long-nosed madman, and Harlequin represents a clever and mischievous servant.

The Venice Carnival takes place in February each year. It begins ten days before Lent and ends on Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday). The main venue for the Venice Carnival shows is the beautiful St. Mark’s Square and the beautiful Riva Degli Schiavoni.

So if you want to see one of the most amazing masquerade events in the world, go to the Venice Carnival.

If you can’t make it to Venice during Carnival, you can hear all about Venice Carnival (and Casanova!) on this walking tour.

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The Cologne Carnival is definitely one of the liveliest and most fun in Europe, and a must for all street party lovers. Unlike most other European carnivals which only last for a few days, Cologne’s Carnival celebrations last for a week, although events officially begin on November 11th, with opening during Carnival.

So, Carnival week starts in full swing from the last Thursday before the beginning of Lent and ends on Ash Wednesday. Thursday, the first day, is the Feminine Carnival, and the three protagonists of the “official” Carnival open the celebrations at 11:11 am.

Then it’s a crescendo of events, parades, street parties and masked balls until the main Rose Monday parade, with more than 70 floats, attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

If it’s too busy for you, head to the family parade on Sunday, which is smaller but no less fun! We recommend visiting the Cologne Carnival at least once, remember it’s not just about the official events – the after parties are even more fun!

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Not many people know that Holland has its own version of carnival in the south of the country. This region is historically Catholic, and despite a troubled history (when the celebrations stopped), some wild parties can be found in Limburg and Brabant every year. Each city has its own traditions, but expect polka-type music, everyone in costume, and some great costumes parodying political figures.

Carnival there is not so much about religion as about reversing social norms for a short period of time. Each city explodes into parties that last for days after the Carnival Prince receives the key. At this point, most cities have an alternate city name that refers to the city only during Carnival. Great fun for tourists and locals alike.

If you are lucky enough to be in Amsterdam at this time, be sure to take the train to Brabant (Breda or Den Bosch), which are the closest major cities that celebrate this fun holiday. Be sure to have a shot of Schrobbeler, a strong herbal liqueur from Tilburg that is traditional at carnival.

In German, it celebrates a few days before Carnival, while the peak of celebrations is held on Carnival day itself. Traditional processions are organized in various villages and towns across Tyrol, but only a few hold these unique, colorful and perhaps strange parades.

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Cariocas celebrate the onset of warmer days and the end of the season, the victory of spring over winter, wearing and wearing hand-carved wooden masks that look like funny characters and Shrovetide costumes. Different characters express themselves like bear, witch, the

, held at Imst. It was declared intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Schemenlauf is organized only every four years. O

In Nassereith is also attractive and takes place every three years. Other specific processions take place around Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, and in the western districts of Tyrol. Visitors to the region shouldn’t miss these centuries-old Carnival traditions when in Tyrol in February!

Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

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Portugal is known for its carnivals in Torres Vedras and Lisbon, but the biggest carnival of all is on the island of Madeira. The week-long event in Madeira has a different theme each year, with lots of parades and elaborate costumes.

Carnival starts with the Festa dos Compadres in Santana – the town with the traditional gabled houses of Madeira. The fun follows in the streets of Funchal throughout the week leading up to Shrove Tuesday.

Children make masks at school and then join the costumed revelry in a parade on Avenida Arriaga on Friday. The nightlife during the week is full of themed parties held in different establishments.

On Saturday night, thousands of people gather for a colorful and festive parade of floats in Funchal with bleachers. Then at Carnival there is the Trapalhão parade. It’s a slapstick parade full of political and social satire that’s sure to be fun.

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Other things to do during Carnival in Madeira include visiting the Madeira Botanical Gardens, walking the levada (aqueduct) and spending time on the beach – as Madeira has some of the best coastal towns in Portugal. So, if you’re looking for one of the most famous Carnival parties, don’t miss Madeira!

Contributed by Jenifer Byington, an empty nest who moved from Los Angeles to Ericeira, Portugal with her surfer husband, Guy. On her website, The Evolista, they share itineraries and tips for adventure travel in North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Of course, New Orleans is the most famous place to see Mardi Gras in the United States, but don’t overlook the celebrations in Mobile, and the unusual shape seen in Eunice will blow your mind!

Mardi Gras Celebrations In Full Swing: What You Need To Know

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