Matilda Movie

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Matilda Movie

Matilda Movie

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Will Matilda The Musical Be Released On Netflix?

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Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical brings the classic story back to the big screen with Emma Thompson’s delightful, dazzling dance and apt take on the source material. Read the critical reviews

Some viewers will still prefer the first film adaptation, but with its catchy songs and impressive choreography, Roald Dahl’s Musical Matilda is a lot of fun on its own. He reviews the audience

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Matilda”, A Classic Children’s Adaptation, Turns 25; See The Curiosities On The Film!

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“Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical” – a clumsy title but definitely a better title than “Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical: The Movie” – is a delightful, bright and optimistic adaptation of a moving, melancholy story I’ve loved since childhood . I was not alone; I think that “Matilda” is a catnip for many bookworms who tend to secret English savvy and dream of knocking down the bullies and escaping the monotony from reality.

More solid and less whimsical than Dahl’s other 1988 novel for teenagers, the novel tells the story of a boy genius in a small English village who is blessed with extraordinary powers to change the world. It’s a fun 1996 film that’s distinctly Americanized and has already spawned several adaptations, including a wildly popular musical, which now directly inspired this new Olivier and Tony-winning film.

Matilda Movie

All that aside, there may be something inherently contradictory about any filmed version of “Matilda,” because the novel itself is a kind of children’s cautionary tale about the dangers of watching too much television. (The same logic certainly applies to a lot on Netflix, where this vibrant, brightly colored adaptation will begin streaming on December 25 after a short theatrical release.)

Matilda Film Still 1996 Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

If you sit and watch the idiot box every night, you can be unrepentantly rude, ignorant, and unrepentantly rude like Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood (Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough, both hilariously funny), the worthless parents of a young girl who have amazing intelligence. . and imagination called Matilda (winner Alisha Weir).

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Given the fairy excesses and brutal irony that tend to rule the universe of Dahl’s stories, it may be the extraordinary stupidity of the Wormwoods that gave Matilda her extraordinary spirit.

And for a young reader, his talents evoke pride, protectiveness, and a small amount of sad jealousy. To read “Matilda” is to wish your brain could multiply three-digit numbers as fast as any calculator and feel freshly inspired to dive headfirst into “Nicholas Nickleby,” “Crime and Punishment,” and many of Matilda’s other accomplished classics. Drive up to 6 years.

Matilda’: The Chocolate Cake Scene Almost Didn’t Happen

The new film, for all its appeal, is nowhere near reaching or encouraging the same buzzing excitement of pro-literacy. Of course, it didn’t show the scene either, but it was cool and impressive enough that it didn’t really matter. Much of the zest made it to the big screen intact, no doubt because the central creative trio — director Matthew Warchus, book writer Dennis Kelly, and composer-lyricist Tim Minchin — retained equivalent behind-the-scenes roles.

And underneath these pleasures, there is a great emotion: A story about the tragic neglect of a child and the intense desire to focus as pastel tones fill the screen and playful melodies and clever lyrics flow from the soundtrack. At the same time, one of the most appealing features of Matilda is her allergy to self-pity, her calm insistence that every child deserves and can demand some measure of justice.

“Just because you find out life isn’t fair doesn’t mean you have to smile and put up with it,” Matilda says in “Naughty,” cleverly advancing a closed case for revenge on a child. However, as disciplined as they can be, parents are very easy targets.

Matilda Movie

When Matilda starts school, she has bigger fish to fry in the form of Miss Trunchbull, a tall and creepy headmistress who rules with an iron fist and a belief in “Bambinatum est maggitum” (Children are worms) . Played by the condescending, barking Emma Thompson, wearing a fat suit and fascist military outfit for the role, Trunchbull is a very extravagant animal. It’s also prone to extreme acts of child abuse — solitary confinement, twisted attacks — that seem even more rare, for better or worse, in this film’s cheerful, exuberant presentation.

Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical

Fortunately, even before the story goes into clever Stephen King territory, Matilda has two balancing acts of benevolent adulthood against the cruelty and indifference represented by her parents and Trunchbull. One is Matilda’s kind-hearted teacher, aptly named Miss Honey (an animated Lashana Lynch), who does her best to protect her students from the principal’s psychotic wrath. The other is Mrs. Phelps (Sindhu Vee), the owner of the traveling bookstore who allows Matilda’s passion for literature, even as she encourages the boy to create his own creative stories.

This leads to one of the film’s greatest suspense, borrowed but not improved on the scene that Matilda prepares for a long romantic story – a love story set in the circus – which holds a fictional mirror of the main action. On the stage, the device had a dexterous, subtle magic; it’s one of those strange situations on the screen, lead and obvious, one hardly believes in seeing.

And this is not the only example where “Matilda the Musical” has lost something in the transition from magic-inspired props to solid, competent curtain craft. Even some of the stronger song-and-dance numbers feel here more mechanically, more artificially polished and contained, especially when Matilda and her classmates seize the day with a joyous liberation march called “The Boys Who Revolted.”

For a film that swells with more revolutionary fervor than Dahl’s quieter, more introspective story, “The Musical Matilda” could use a little more chaotic, crazy energy.

Matilda’ Trailer: Emma Thompson Is Unrecognizable In Rock Musical

The focus and discipline of Warchus’ direction is undeniable, perhaps to a fault: It’s hard not to feel like the upbeat, family-friendly life of a 2½-hour show has dropped by an inch. Even if the climax itself stifles its most interesting turns and predictably some flashy visual effects, the mood balances are still there, the latest developments are still interesting. All this can do no more than strengthen Dahl’s claim—in addition to Matilda’s own unshakable belief—that there is really nothing in the printed word on the screen.

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Matilda Movie

See the world through the eyes of a child with Matilda, a modern fairy tale that combines funny humor with the magical message of love. Miss Doubtfire’s Mara Wilson plays Matilda, a super-intelligent girl who is misunderstood by her parents (Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman), her brother, and an evil principal. But with the help of a brave best friend and a wonderful teacher, Matilda discovers that she doesn’t have to be mad to make it.

Lashana Lynch Joins ‘matilda’ Movie Musical At Netflix (exclusive)

Critics’ Consensus: Danny DeVito’s version of Matilda is whimsical, compelling, and while the film differs from Roald Dahl, it captures the spirit of the book.

In The League, Bianca Garner’s “Matilda” magic is still going strong today, and her message (“You’re not alone”) is something we all need to keep hearing.

DVDTalk.comScott Weinberg Not bad and definitely not great, Matilda is a weird little movie but that doesn’t mean your 9 year old daughter won’t love it.

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