Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case – A Netflix documentary exploring the legacy of the Murdo family in South Carolina and alleged crimes within the family will be released on the streaming service on February 22.

In the Lowcountry, the Murdoes are well-known and were once named one of the most famous families in the country for three generations of prosecutors in the 14th Judicial Circuit. But when a fishing boat allegedly commanded by Paul Murdo crashed and killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach, claims surfaced that Paul was drunk behind the wheel. Even after Paul was charged in the accident, many doubted that he was proven guilty because of his family’s influence within the law.

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

In 2021, Paul and his mother Maggie were found dead outside the Marto estate after Alex Murdo called 911. The family’s patriarch, Alex Murdo, was later charged with the murders of his son and his wife, along with other financial and drug crimes. and will stand trial on January 23.

Deputies Describe Bloody Scene In Alex Murdaugh Double Murder Trial

The three-part series will include accounts from Paul Murdo’s longtime girlfriend Morgan Doughty, childhood friends in Mallory Beach, and Mallory’s boyfriend Anthony Cook, among others.

By checking this box, you confirm that you have read and agree to our terms of use regarding the storage of data submitted through this form. Ever since Maggie Murdo and her son Paul Murdo were found murdered in their hunting lodge in Colton County, South Carolina, seven weeks ago, readers have been asking a lot of questions about Paul’s brother Buster Murdo.

Speculation about Buster Murdo stems from the 2015 inquest into the death of Stephen Smith – whose name has been raised several times as S.C. Highway Patrol (SCHP) seeks to understand this tragedy. A homicide investigation was recently opened by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) in relation to Smith’s death “based on information gathered during the Paul and Maggie Murdo double homicide investigation.”

Speculation swirling around Buster Murdo intensified last week when SLED — the lead agency in the Murdo Murdo case — released a 911 call from Buster and Paul’s father, Rev. Alexander “Alex” Murdo, along with a dispatch report that seemed to suggest . . . that someone other than Alex Mardo) was in the hunting lodge on the night of the murders.

News From Alex Murdaugh’s Murder Trial In South Carolina

As mentioned, this network received many inquiries asking for information about Buster’s whereabouts following the double murder.

We did some digging and found that while no one has been charged in connection with the Murdo murders, Buster Murdo appears to have been in the Rock Hill-Charlotte area at the time of the murders, according to our sources.

This was confirmed by what Randy Murdo, Buster’s uncle, told a reporter on Good Morning America 10 days after the murders.

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

Randy Murdo said he had to call Buster, who lives in Rock Hill, to tell him his brother and mother were killed.

The Murdaugh Murder Mystery Deepens In South Carolina

Ava Pilgrim, an ABC News reporter who spoke with the Murdo family, also reported that Alex Murdo took his father to the hospital on the day of the murders.

He then reportedly checked on his mother before returning to the hunting lodge where he allegedly discovered the bodies of his wife and child.

At 22:28. EDT — just over twenty minutes after receiving the 911 call from Murdaugh — SLED was contacted by the Colton Sheriff’s Office. At the time, SLED’s “assistance in conducting this double homicide investigation” was requested and they quickly took over the case due to its complexity and the Colton County Sheriff’s Office having a conflict of interest in the case.

According to the autopsy report, Maggie and Paul died between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. on June 7, 2021. They were found on the ground near the dog kennels about a quarter of a mile from the house.

Alex Murdaugh Implicates Groundskeeper After Murders, Video Shows

Sources say Paul Murdo was killed by two gunshots – one in the chest and another through the arm and head.

In the seven weeks that have passed since the murders, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named.

More than two weeks after the murders, a public relations firm hired by the Murdo family released a statement announcing a $100,000 reward for anyone providing tips that lead to arrests by law enforcement.

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

“Now is the time to bring justice to Maggie and Paul,” Alex Murdo said in a statement. “Buster and I, along with Maggie’s mother, father and entire family, are asking anyone with helpful information to call the SLED tip line (803-896-2605).”

South Carolina Attorney Alex Murdaugh’s Final Text To Wife Revealed

Since the reward was offered, the Murdo family has not made a public statement about the murders.

Along with his father, Buster Murdo was named in a lawsuit related to the 2019 boating crash that killed 19-year-old Mallory Beach. At the time of his death, Paul Murdo was charged with three misdemeanor boating under the influence charges in connection with the crash, but was not named in the lawsuit.

Although Buster was not involved in the crash, Paul allegedly used his brother’s fake ID to buy alcohol at a Parker’s convenience store about nine hours before he allegedly crashed his father’s 17-foot center console boat. to pile up off Parris Island in February. 24, 2019.

Mallory Beach’s mother, Renee Beach – represented by attorney Mark Tinsley – is seeking damages from Parker’s gas station, as well as Alex and Buster Murdo. In the lawsuit, Alex is accused of enabling Paul’s drinking habits to minors. An hour and a half after the crash, Paul Murdo’s BAC was over three times the legal limit and recently released files from that investigation paint him as a violent tenant.

Investigators Release Timeline Of Events In Murdaugh Murder Case

A hearing in the wrongful death case was set for June 10 – three days after the murders.

In that hearing, the judge must rule on several requests in the case, including:

This hearing could also result in Paul and Maggie Murdo joining the case, according to sources.

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

While the Murdoes released very little information during the discovery process, they did release some information about their insurance policies last year.

The ‘murdaugh Murders’ In South Carolina: What To Know

The Murdoes have a $500,000 insurance policy for their boat, according to court documents accompanying Tinsley’s motion. In addition, they have two additional insurance policies with Philadelphia Indemnity in the amount of 6 million dollars.

In a separate lawsuit, Philadelphia Indemnity sued Richard Alexander (Alex) Murdo and Richard Alexander Murdo Jr. in federal court. The insurance company filed a lawsuit in 2019 and officially denied coverage in connection with the boat crash case.

According to court documents, Philadelphia Indemnity is investigating whether the company should cover Alex Murdo in the case.

Two other insurance companies – QBE Specialty and Homeowners of America – refused to cover Alex Murdo in the case.

Alex Murdaugh Seen Wearing 2 Different Shirts On Night Of Killings

Alex Murdo was identified by sources close to the investigation at a very early stage as a “person of interest” in relation to their investigations, although he reportedly gave the police a “preposterous” alibi for his whereabouts during the murders, Founding Editor Will People reported.

Meanwhile, Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor Duffy Stone has yet to recuse himself and his office from the high-profile investigation — even though there are many undisputed conflicts of interest associated with it. In 2019, Stone cited these conflicts of interest in recusing himself from the investigation into the fatal boating accident in Mallory Beach. In fact, he announced his withdrawal before Beach’s body was returned.

More on, People reported that Stone always tried to steer investigators away from any theory that might involve members of the Murdo family. Also, in the days after the murders, Stone’s investigators were caught on camera talking to a Murdo family member at the crime scene — in what appears to be a controversial breach of prosecutorial ethics and conduct.

Murdaugh Murders: Latest Updates On The South Carolina Case

Nearly two months after the murders, Stone has yet to give the public a clear explanation as to why he remains involved in the case.

Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Updates: February 1

While law enforcement has released little information about her investigation — and is actively seeking to plug leaks — here’s what we know so far:

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