My Son Movie

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By: Antoine Hamel, Christophe Rossignon, Guillaume Canet, Lino Pope, Marc Robert, Mélanie Laurent, Mohamed Brikat, Olivier de Benoist, Pierre Langlois, Tristan Pages

My Son Movie

My Son Movie

Summary: A 7 year old boy disappeared in the middle of the night. An emergency brings the boy’s father, Julien (Guillaume Canet), back to a snowy village in eastern France for help. Julien goes abroad for work, and a few years after his divorce from his wife (Melanie Laurent), he is completely absent from his son’s life. A 7-year-old boy disappeared in the middle of the night. An emergency brings the boy’s father, Julien (Guillaume Canet), back to a snowy village in eastern France for help. Julien travels abroad for work and has been completely absent from his son’s life since his divorce from his wife (Melanie Laurent) a few years ago. Feeling guilty for neglecting his family, Julien decides to do anything to find his son. This includes using physical force against anyone who may be suspected of kidnapping, and going outside the law and going against police instructions while they begin to uncover the mystery of the child’s disappearance. [Cohen Media Group] … Expand

Letter To My Mother For My Son (2022)

My Son finds its cinematic foundation in earnest, sustained, realism, creating a high-wire act of tension and tension that is refreshingly clean and consistently effective. Read the full review

In its humble, bare-bones way, it’s a worthy counterpart to the bold genre, bound together by the effortless power of Canet’s performance and the no-nonsense approach of Christian Carrion’s direction. Read the full review

It has an implacable and implacable feel, echoing Canet’s fatherly commitment to doing good for his estranged family. Read the full review

Themes of parental guilt and the effect of broken families on children are hinted at early on, but dropped in favor of Carion’s more formal exploration of sexual pleasure. Read the full review

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The film tends to slow down the pace that is usually offered and builds up the clichés of the genre. Read the full review

Proof of milquetoast sobriety that the French thriller “My Son” is not as sophisticated as it sounds, so careful and vague in its stories that it is about spinning. Read the full review. Review: James McAvoy’s unscripted experience becomes a bigger obstacle in ‘My Son’ The actor, who plays a Scottish father searching for his missing son, was the only actor not given a script for his character.

When filming for director and co-writer Christian Carrion’s remake of the 2017 French film, McAvoy was the only cast member not given a script. Instead, the Scottish actor was briefed on his character and had to improvise on film. McAvoy didn’t know how the story would end.

My Son Movie

In My Son, McAvoy plays Edmond Murray, a Scotsman on a secret assignment abroad who is forced to return home after discovering that 7-year-old Ethan has gone missing from camp In the Scottish Highlands, Edmond comes face to face with his ex-wife Joan Richmond, played by Golden Globe winner Claire Foy, as well as her husband Frank (Tom Cullen) and Assistant Police Inspector Roy (Gary Lewis).

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Feeling guilty about his son’s long absence from his life, Edmond takes increasingly desperate measures to meet Ethan, while also trying to discover if there is an underlying reason behind it. mysterious disappearance.

Carrion, who co-starred with Guillaume Canet on the original, approached “My Son” this way because he wanted to bring real suspense, tension and suspense to the thriller genre. Unfortunately, keeping McAvoy in the dark is a bigger deterrent than adding anything to my son.

In fact, as I watched the undeniably talented McAvoy squirm through the scenes, I couldn’t help but recall Laurence Olivier’s legendary response to Dustin Hoffman’s style in 1976’s Marathon Man. Hoffman’s character stayed up for three days because he had to stay awake for so long, Olivier nonchalantly replied, “Why don’t you just try acting, honey?”

You wish they’d try to include McAvoy in the process rather than using a gimmick that gets tired quickly. There is a lot to see, especially about my son.

My Son (2013)

Carion and his cinematographer Eric Dumont capture the Scottish Highlands with a grandeur and sophistication that really allows the natural beauty of the area to shine on screen. At the same time, they also show the ability to create suspense and atmosphere in simple and sparse situations. Laurent Pérez Del Mar’s haunting score also adds to the drama and gives “My Son” a rhythm that helps paper over the cracks of its weak and exposition-dependent plot.

There is the amazing Foy, who commands as a desperate mother looking for her son. After conveying her character’s struggle and anguish in a subtle but effective manner, Foy displays a strong determination and inspiring courage as the film progresses.

Foy is so amazing as Joan that her dominance over McAvoy seems unfair. Even if he had a script, it doesn’t seem like he would be able to live up to his portrayal. Instead, McAvoy only has two steps. Either he listens hard and then responds quietly, or he explodes with anger and violence.

My Son Movie

McAvoy’s inherent magnetism saves him. However, all the tools were there to create a more complete image of a desperate father. It can be very loud and powerful. Instead, its limitations are a symbol of why “My Son” is so lighthearted and just plain fun. James McAvoy, Claire Foy, Gary Lewis, Max Wilson, Jamie Michie, Robert Jack, Owen Whitelaw, Paul Rattray, Michael Moreland, Mark Barrett, Andrew John Tate, Paul Stirrat, Rosalind Sydney

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Driving in the heart of the mountains, Edmond Murray receives a call from his ex-wife with tears in his eyes. Their 7-year-old son disappeared from the camp. Soon it becomes clear that the child has been kidnapped and the parents are in despair.

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This time, an actor who is about to break out in that field is the great James McAvoy, who has proven that he can handle broad tones and intense themes in projects like Split. It’s perfect for the story of Edmond Murray, who receives a call that would scare any parent: his son is missing. Shortly after he was released to the camp, his 7-year-old child disappeared without a trace. Did he run away? Was it stolen? Why are they exploring the nearby lake? One of Carion’s many mistakes is to start answering Edmond too quickly instead of letting the film and McAvoy remain in limbo.

My Son Movie

It is very clear to the authorities that Edmond’s son has been kidnapped, and they are concerned that the father may be connected to his international work with sensitive materials and covert operations. Is someone in particular targeting it? Edmond is concerned that this may be the case, but he also doubts it

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