Paranoia Movie

Paranoia Movie – The last time Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman shared the screen together was in the grim 1997 docudrama “Air Force One,” in which the former politely but the latter begs a man to get off a plane. Now, all these years later, the two meet again in the less convincing “Paranoia” and once again find themselves in the crossfire, this time inadvertently. Here’s a movie that wants to be an amazing techno-thriller, but feels like it was designed so much for people who don’t know how to work with Kindles yet.

Our hero, for lack of a more accurate or printable term, is Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth), a poor but shrewd low-level employee of WyattCorp, a multinational technology company run by the all-powerful Nicholas Wyatt (Oldman). One day, Adam goes with his boss to a game meeting with the development team and ends up interrupting the team right then and there, blowing things up dramatically. Although WyattCorp has already been shown to be ruthless and greedy enough to undermine Adam’s company insurance, the moment his ailing father (Richard Dreyfuss) is admitted to the hospital, they unceremoniously abandon Adam’s corporate credit card. team and run away for a long time. He enlists the gang for an expensive night out on the town and finds himself in the bed of beautiful entrepreneur Emma Jennings (Amber Heard).

Paranoia Movie

Paranoia Movie

The next day, Adam is called to Wyatt’s office, but instead of arresting or beating him up, his former boss makes him an offer he can’t refuse: he’s the perfect fit for a top job at the rival tech company he runs. . White’s former mentor and current rival Jack Goddard (Ford) and uses his access to the details of a top-secret project. With muscle provided by Dr. Judith Bolton (Embette Davidtz) and Wyatt’s head enforcer (Julian McMahon), Adam worked his way into the company, and through Goddard’s goodwill, Adam got into the company with the help of from a breeding system controlled by Dr. Judith Bolton (Embette Davidtz). The man also works there, and everything seems to be going well, but when the FBI starts sniffing him out, he slowly begins to realize that he’s caught up in a web of lies and fraud and must use his wits. To pit oppressors against each other in a quest for survival.

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You’ll notice I didn’t mention “paranoia” on that website and that’s because this is one of the least paranoid thrillers you’ll ever find. Some might argue that this is what you get when you put such dubious material in the hands of a filmmaker like Robert Lutik, whose body of work includes “Legally Blonde,” “Win the Date with Tad Hamilton” and two lesser Katherine Heigl vehicles. “The ugly truth” and “Murderers”). Then again, even Hitchcock himself couldn’t have done much better than screenwriters Jason Dean Hall and Barry Levy, who penned The Joseph Quest.

The story is largely implausible (why would Wyatt entrust this top-secret plan to a self-serving head like Adam?) as tech companies suddenly locate themselves in the center of Manhattan. ?) and asks the audience to worry about a selfish sailor trying to fall prey to two other selfish henchmen. Lutik, on the other hand, tries to cover up his narrative weaknesses with a flashy, lazy visual style and an incredibly annoying score, using cell phone sounds as a recurring theme. Sadly, the rest of the movie is so silly that I wanted to see if there was anything more interesting on the other end.

Hemsworth and Heard are incredibly charming but generate zero spark with each other, even though they stumble across a script where the immutable tech lingo they exchange in one scene borders on convincing flirtation. As for their older counterparts, with nothing convincing to work with, of late they revert to their respective default modes: chewing up the landscape with an oversized Hammy that produces even less profit than usual while Ford tries. Hiding in the woodwork is even stupider than the long-forgotten “firewall” that shames you for showing off as some big, somehow tech-based project.

Though it’s meant to be a modern take on the classic conspiracy thriller “The Conversation,” “Paranoia” is so weak it’s almost like “Antitrust” without the food allergies. The sad thing about this is that it takes a title that could have found a proper home in a film by the likes of Brian De Palma or Dario Argento and completely wastes it on a project that doesn’t deserve it. Unless you make a smart tweak or two, no one can use it properly for long. Now, if you’ll excuse me, just to be safe, I’m unofficially titled “Lee Daniels Paranoia,” which I’m sure is a more gripping experience than anything here.

Total Paranoia (2023)

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