Plane 2023

Plane 2023 – Such books, usually James Patterson’s spy thrillers or Danielle Steele’s romances, have low artistic expectations and high entertainment value. Stock icons and formulas are designed to stay three lines behind the screaming kid. Everything on these sites is functional and nothing fancy. In 2007, Libby Brooks wrote to The Guardian about her airport books: “Your plane may not have left the runway, but at least it’s on page 149.”

Leading man Gerard Butler delivers the cinematic equivalent of airport thrillers, taking part in a mildly entertaining action film that will be good over time but not memorable. (Challenge: Ask a regular person

Plane 2023

Plane 2023

Written by Charles Cumming and J.P. Davies (a former in-house writer, a genre that could fill a Hudson News shelf), Butler stars as Brody, a tight-lipped pilot on a rare New Year’s Eve flight from Singapore. Easy Walk is complicated by two things: 1) the presence of an arrested criminal (playable);

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(Mike Colter) as a last-minute passenger, and (2) a freak storm that knocks out power and forces a hard landing on a remote island in the Philippines. A similar island is ruled by armed rebels who profit from the wealth of tourists.

While it’s a functional, sleepy home—haunting America’s travelophobia and gun-toting brown foreigners—

Confusion with small excitements. It’s a visible piece that can sometimes be distracting. The schmaltzy elements may gain some emotional investment, but its technical and artistic viewing power is less than worth it.

On a downward trajectory. Even the throbbing, watchable flight sequences and fatal flight from lightning lead to nothing else. When the best part of a movie is limited to the first 20 minutes and literally –

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, starring Gerard Butler and Mike Colter as a pilot and a criminal who crash land in the Philippines and find themselves and their passengers overpowered by armed rebels.

Even Butler makes an appearance on autopilot, playing the same usual gym-going Scott. Unlike similar movie pilots – like Denzel Washington’s cocaine-addicted lead starring Robert Zemeckis.

Brody’s family troubles are somewhat sympathetic, but the darker part is that when the bullets start multiplying, the brutality takes over. Bats are a long way from their glory days

Plane 2023

Co-star Mike Colter is also wasted as a hardened criminal with a penchant for tracking down worried passengers, and more importantly, we the viewers get to know his humanity. Coulter’s work at Marvel

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Felt cold and impersonal, most recently as the late Catholic David Acosta

— one of the few network procedurals that can still demand viewing in the streaming era — is a testament to the talent of the Rutgers MFA grad. Unfortunately,

It’s limited to Coulter’s eyes and screams, and when paired with Butler, the film never manages to develop the drama and storytelling that a story about two strangers who must trust each other could produce.

Wrong, it works so heartbreakingly, you have to question the circumstances that led to the observation

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At all. The only logical conclusion is that you are on a plane and have one hour and 47 minutes to kill. However: really? Are you looking at this? This happened

It doesn’t really matter, just rush to the next parts, which are vanilla. None of its characters find any dimension beyond the flat print page of the script, and the blatant portrayal of Filipinos is offensive if only because they feel like copies of other ethnic terrorists, not real. Although directed by sweaty Gerard Butler,

Does not offer a way to travel. Take it from a film critic: Read a book instead.

Plane 2023

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