Plane – Last week, an unsuspecting woman boarded a plane from New York to Dallas when she was switched with Rosie Blair, who asked to be seated next to her boyfriend. The woman ended up with a new competitor, Euan Holden, a former professional footballer model, and chatted with him throughout the flight. What she didn’t know was that Blair was sitting behind her secretly filming her and Holden’s every interaction, filming the whole thing on Twitter, which went viral and was hashtagged #PlaneBae.

Now the unnamed woman has spoken about her experience and its consequences.



I am a young professional woman. I took a commercial flight from New York to Dallas on July 2nd. Without my knowledge or consent, other passengers took photos and recorded my conversation with my seat mate. They posted pictures and material on social media and made false assumptions about my personal character. Since then, my personal information has been widely distributed online. Strangers talked publicly about my personal life based on polite misinformation. I was wronged, I was ashamed, I was offended, I was in trouble. Peers have been looking for me online and in the real world. I didn’t ask and I don’t want attention. #PlaneBae is not a romance – it’s a digital age cautionary tale about privacy, identity, ethics and consent. Please continue to respect my privacy and wish to remain anonymous.

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His comments confirmed many people’s worst suspicions about the incident – that he was unknowingly being used to gain viral fame and unknowingly backfire.

Immediately after the flight, Holden embraced his newfound fame and even added “Plane Bae” to his Twitter feed. Blair also tried to take advantage of the situation. “I’m an actor, comedian and writer and so is my son. Also if anyone wants to send us plane tickets we’d love to try and find our own #PlaneBae,” she tweeted before applying for the job.

. As brands do, brands jumped into the fray. Alaska Airlines offered Blair a free flight as a “good deed.” T-Mobile Blair offers free Wi-Fi.

While Blair has been busy blocking critics on Twitter, many others have pointed out that this is not a pretty love story for millions of Twitter users. Knowing nothing of the two passengers’ personal lives, sexuality, or personal business, Blair concocted a false narrative about them to go viral.

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He made it clear that the Tweets were misleading and that he wanted to be left alone, but Blair posted a video encouraging his followers to look up the woman’s personal information.

Somehow, after all this, debate supporters still claim that nothing wrong has happened. “We do it to celebs every day. No exception. Rage culture is so stupid,” one Instagram user wrote in her story under a BuzzFeed news article. “It was harmless and it’s over. Seriously,” said another. “Why is this a big deal?” asked another. “It’s not an invasion of privacy.”

But it is an invasion of privacy, and the woman’s statement shows how harmful such an act is. Since he found out about it, he has done everything to keep his name anonymous, but still his personal information and address were exposed and he was subjected to a lot of harassment and he stopped social media.


His release through a lawyer suggests he plans to sue, something many people on Twitter support. Although he won compensation for his injuries, Sagawa teaches a lesson about viral fame and license. Blair apologized for his actions on Wednesday. Maybe users will think twice about resharing a Twitter thread of viral love.

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Reflecting on the day after the #PlaneBae saga, one person on Twitter wrote: “No one told us that our ’15 minutes of fame’ would involve shame, insults, threats, etc. And maybe to those we didn’t ask for. The man and his garden were ‘spectacularly scattered.’ when the human waste was dropped from the plane, the council meeting heard.

Speaking to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Aviation Forum, councilor Karen Davies said she was “horrified” to hear about the incident.

Airplane toilets store waste water in special containers, but their contents are removed after the plane lands.

The Clewer East councilor said a council member spoke to him about the “scary” episode at the meeting, according to the Local Democracy Report Service.

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“I know there are several freezes of aircraft sewage every year, but this one didn’t freeze and the whole garden was spread out in a very unpleasant way,” he said.

Whitfield councilor Geoff Paxton, who has worked at airports for 40 years, called the incident “very rare” and had not seen it for a long time.

“We had problems in the past with blue ice [frozen human waste and disinfectants] when we arrived, but that was because the toilets were leaking,” he said.


However, when the pressure is below 6,000 feet (1,829 meters), “it’s possible that something will come out of the vent at lower altitudes,” he said.

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Resident Andrew Hall, who attended the virtual meeting, said water companies had been fined “millions” for dumping sewage into rivers and said: “I think it’s a real shame when a plane drops it on people’s heads.”

“Obviously he wouldn’t have done that for two garden umbrellas to increase the extra price, so he had to take it on the chin,” he said.

The airline was not named, although Davies said it was “founded far away from here”.

He added that the resident contacted the airline and denied the plane was in the area, but when the resident managed to locate the plane through a route tracking app, they confirmed that transportation technology has improved tenfold in the past decades. Why don’t airplanes go faster? Turn around and turn around.

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You want your business flight to travel at maximum speed – turbulence, energy costs and ticket prices can all affect the speed of your flight. Let’s explore why your commercial flight maintains a normal speed.

Become an airline or commercial pilot easily online! Courses designed by industry experts will help you pass your FAA exams and take to the skies!

When talking about aerodynamics, the speed of an airplane is affected by many factors. In short, airspeed has three important components.


The speed of an aircraft, known as airspeed, is measured in four different ways. No matter which type you use, all airspeeds are shown in knots.

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Like cars, airplanes also have speed limits in certain areas. While today’s commercial airplanes won’t take you across the Atlantic Ocean in a few hours, most large airplanes travel fairly quickly.

As with any other vehicle, speed determines what maneuvers you can perform. For airplanes, certain speeds are very important in order to move safely from the ground to the air.

At takeoff, the average speed of a commercial aircraft is 160-180 mph (140-156 knots).

Most commercial airlines have an aircraft cruising speed of 550–600 mph (478–521 knots).

Plane Crash Statistics

Landing speed is largely influenced by the current weight of the aircraft, with commercial aircraft landing between 130 and 160 mph (112 and 156 knots).

Private jets, like commercial jets, can fly at 400–700 mph (348–608 knots). Because of their small size, they generally cannot fly as well as their larger counterparts due to fuel storage limitations. But only a handful of ultra-long-range jets can fly more than 8,000 miles, or 6,952 nautical miles.

Military aviation is as diverse as any other field. Military aircraft are designed with specific objectives in mind, such as surveillance, attack or cargo transport. Rather than list the top speed of each fighter, here are some examples of the different classes.


Single engine aircraft such as the Cessna 172 fly much slower than commercial aircraft. In a typical single-engine airplane, you can fly at about 140 mph (122 knots). However, some single-engine aircraft, such as the Pilatus PC-12 NGX, have a top speed of 334 mph (290 knots).

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Although commercial aircraft are heavy and large, they are capable of covering long distances at high speeds. Although no two aircraft are alike, physical limitations keep most airlines on par.

Outside of commercial aviation, different aircraft reach different top speeds – from the relatively slow Cessna 172 to the hypersonic F-22. Either way, make sure you land with a log book Passengers on a United Airlines flight from Denver to Honolulu had a scare on February 20 when the right engine on their Boeing 777-200 plane malfunctioned. After take off the reason

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