The Factory Movie

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Based on a true story, the opening credits of The Factory are shrouded in mystery. We know what to expect in the fantasy genre: something that couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially from a movie that went straight to DVD in the US and most markets (although it did get a small release in the Czech Republic before the Oscar hopefuls got a release date).

The Factory Movie

The Factory Movie

The true story of “The Factory” is about Gary Heidnick, a serial killer who kidnapped six women in Pennsylvania in 1986-1987 and was imprisoned in a basement. Police .

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Heidnik killed many people by abusing and torturing women; He said he cut up one of the carcasses, mixed it with dog food and gave it to other captives, but the charges were dismissed. He forced prisoners to participate in the torture of each other and reported the survivors in the media.

Dallas Roberts plays Heidnick (a.k.a. “Gary Gemmo”) in “The Factory,” set in the cool but underutilized landscape of Buffalo, New York. In the film’s opening scene, he takes the prostitute back to his apartment, in Friday the 13th fashion, cutting off her penis and pinning it to the wall before feeding it to his German shepherd.

Sticking to the real issue is clearly not one of the film’s priorities. We later find out about Prisoners in Gary’s basement, where police detective Mike Fletcher (John Cusack) kidnapped his daughter (May Whitman) and has been stalking him for years. Oh-oh.

Roberts is brilliant, and the scenes featuring her and her victims are some of the best the Factory has to offer: her treatment of Stockholm syndrome-stricken Brittany (Magina Tovah) and Lauren (Katherine Waterston) is terrifying.

The Factory’ Review

Much less interesting are the proceedings in which Cusack works as a detective. In true thriller fashion, it’s less about police work than the random tidbits that suddenly pop into Fletcher’s mind. All the best cop shows on TV –

Although the “true story” is false, much of the plot is well-crafted and interesting in its fictional form. I laughed right off the screen until the absolutely hilarious ending. Without spoiling anything, I’ll just say it: it’s ugly.

The factory bears similarities to the 2013 film John Cusack: The Frozen Ground, which tells the true story of Alaskan serial killer Robert Hansen. The film stars Nicolas Cage as the detective and Cusack as Hanson, and has similar strengths and weaknesses: Cusack plays the killer but the execution doesn’t work. It wasn’t a great or great movie, but it was far better than The Factory in one way: it (mostly) stuck to reality.

The Factory Movie

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