The Reunion

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The Reunion

The Reunion

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One Mo’ Chance Season 2: The Reunion

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Sam (John Cena), Leo (Ethan Embrook) and Douglas (Boyd Holbrook) Cleary share the same father but three different mothers. Their father died rich, but when their sister (Amy Smart) brings the men together to find out which one will get the money, they get an unpleasant surprise. In order to get their fortune, Sam, Leo and Douglas must go into business together as bail bondsmen. Their first job takes them to Mexico, where they meet a dangerous entrepreneur.

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The Reunion Beatles

Generations and eras interweave against the backdrop of a killer school campus… the perfect summer book to enjoy while lounging by the pool.

The French call it coup de foudre: lightning strike. The Reunion shook me and electrified me. For nearly a decade, Guillaume Musso has reigned as France’s most popular author, and with this American debut, he’s poised to immediately join the ranks of Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbo. The encounter is so fluid—between past and present, from intrigue to terror, between potential suspects and potential victims—that it risks whiplash. Fun, elegant, and full of complex characters, this is one of the most suspenseful novels I’ve read in years—and also one of the funniest.

This highly satisfying thriller about a prep school scandal and the buried secrets of three friends kept me turning the pages late into the night. Reunion has everything a great thriller needs: visceral tension, a twisty story with dark surprises and a narrator with a mysterious past. It’s no wonder that Guillaume Musso is one of France’s best-loved and best-selling authors.

The Reunion

Despite the ticking of the clock, Musso takes his time to create the atmosphere, with lush details that transport the reader to a place of enchantment and deep, abiding sadness.

Friends: The Reunion On Hbo Max Has A Premiere Date, Teaser, And A Ton Of Guest Stars

In Musso’s masterful plot, Thomas faces new dangers at every turn. The atmospheric finale – which opens alongside Villa Fitzgerald and Smugglers Way, a coastal path close to the most opulent properties on the Côte d’Azur – brings startling revelations.

A fast-paced thriller set on the Cote d’Azur with a glamorous missing girl, a dead body and enough references to Twin Peaks and raves and Belle and Sebastian to tickle the fancy of anyone who came of age in the 1990s changed.

This hugely satisfying mystery is a huge bestseller in France – and deservedly so… Written with fluidity and charm, it’s breathtakingly good. Do not miss it.

With a sunny Cote d’Azur setting and a subtly twisted plot of adolescence, secret assignments, threats and brutal violence, this elegant thriller maintains its nerve-wracking tension until the very last page. When two former teen stars reconnect. Reunited for their hit TV show, they document more than just their feelings for each other in this charming and heartwarming novel, perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Sally Thorne.

The Reunion: Silver, Amy: 9780099574491: Books

As the star of the popular teen drama Girl on the Verge, Liv spent her teenage years trying to perfect her real-life image on the big screen. But after the death of her father and the betrayal of her on-screen love and off-screen best friend, Ransom Joel, Liv wants nothing more than to settle into a mostly normal life aside from a few indie film roles. But now, twenty years after the show premiered, the cast has been called back for a special reunion sponsored by a major streaming service.

Liv is happy to be back on set, especially when she realizes that Ransom has gotten better with age. And their chemistry is definitely intact. They quickly fall into their old rhythms and rediscover what brought them together decades ago. But as new rivals emerge among the cast and the specter of a reboot haunts their shoot, Liv wonders if she just needs to go back in time to finally get her own happy ending.

Kayla Olson is the author of two books for young adults and The Reunion. Whether writing at her desk or curled up with a good book, she can often be found with a fresh cup of coffee and at least one cat. Learn more at

The Reunion

“If, like me, you spend your days in a haze of TV shows and rom-coms, then The Reunion is the perfect choice for you. It’s a sweeping story of second chances, a thoughtful look at the romance of best-friends and the struggles of fame pitfalls. I love Live and Ransom. I can’t get enough of the off-screen chemistry and the interstitials that provide color commentary on the cast, crew, and show. By the end of the novel, I signed up for Netflix to catch Girl on the Verge— but the book will do now.”

The Reunion Show 2023

“Details on the set of the popular show, the intricacies of social media, and the frenzy of the paparazzi make Olson’s second-chance romance a fun, fast-paced read.” – Book list

“[B]rew…Olson makes the sexual tension palpable…this hilarious behind-the-scenes look is sure to amaze you.” – Publishers Weekly

“A heartwarming, poignant look at the ups and downs of life in the spotlight. Ransom and Liv’s chemistry jumps off the page, and their journey is sweet, emotional and utterly satisfying.” —Ava Wilder, author of How to Fake It in Hollywood

“The reunion blew me off my feet. Lively as it is, as sweet as it is, I was completely engrossed in this behind-the-scenes look at the two actors risking their oh-so-satisfying second love. I loved it.” – Bridget Morrissey, author of A Thousand Miles

Abode Garden Party

“The perfect escape. Sexy, edgy and introspective, I loved spending time on set (and off) with Liv and Ransom.” —Jenna Evans Welch, New York Times bestselling author of Love and Gelato

“Like all iconic Hollywood love stories, Reunion delivers sharp industry detail about the stars’ dynamic and deeply sweet romance as they learn how to restart each other’s lives without a script. Olson’s debut romance is as likable as a new show and as endearing as a favorite movie.” —Emily Wieberle and Austin Sigmund-Brocka, authors of The Roughest Draft

“In The Reunion, Kayla Olson seamlessly creates the emotional journey from friends to lovers. Liv and Ransom jump off the page, two celebrities who make you deeply human and relatable through a compelling story arc. This book hits all the Hollywood romantic notes.” – Megan Bannen, author of The Bird and the Blade

The Reunion

“With an original twist on the friend-in-love romance, The Reunion is a page-turning look into the lives of a Hollywood starlet and her co-star—and her love: her teenage dream boy, who just might be the man. From her grown-up heart. Set in a world of Hollywood glamor and celebrity gossip. This delightful romance is unforgettable.” — Meredith Shore, author of As Seen on TV

The Reunion (2023)

“Reunion is a romantic romp in Hollywood, full of charm, nostalgia and sex appeal. Kayla Olson knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings; Liv and Ransom’s chemistry feels so real. I devoured it in one go!” -Hannah Orenstein, author of Minutes to Be Mine

“Readers, especially those who have been fans of Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, and similar shows, will enjoy the Hollywood setting and fully realized supporting cast in this great contemporary romance. Christina Lauren, Emily Henry and the early 2000s teen drama show A must-read for fans — Könyvtári Lap

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