Tintin Movie

Tintin Movie – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Indiana Jones with Strawberry Blonde Hair: Spielberg leaves a mark but not a fatal one

Jamie Bell is thoroughly convincing as the half-human, half-Avatar Tintin – although pedants may be confused by the Aryan blue of his eyes.

Tintin Movie

Tintin Movie

It’s been a long and extremely nervous wait for millions of fans who grew up on the boy reporter and his associated whiskey-soaked naval aide. Steven Spielberg was the first to acquire the cinematographic rights

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Came out Meanwhile, he went off on tangents depicting war and genocide, dinosaurs and science fiction. All were excitingly different, but all clearly bear Spielberg’s Dragon stamp.

Spielberg may always be true to himself, but the director is now in the habit of adapting from familiar sources (coming soon:

The answer is in two parts. He must have messed up—it’s not quite Herge as anyone knows him. But no, it’s detrimental to the opinion of the grown-up Tintin fan.

Let’s start with loyalty. Everything that was originally exciting and fun about Tintin is pretty much intact. Thus we have a boy spinning his own yarn depicting the search for three model galleys, each of which hides a piece of parchment that reveals the coordinates of a treasure capture lost at sea centuries ago. Give or take how Hergé wrote it.

The Journey To Tintin (video 2012)

For attendees, the brave young hero with a yearning for adventure and his intrepid dog Snowy are beautifully animated in a half-way style that finds the artists lurking beneath the surface of the CGI drawings. This technique has never been better performed. Jamie Bell is thoroughly convincing as the half-human, half-Avatar Tintin – although pedants may be confused by the Aryan blue of his eyes. Andy Serkis is the hapless Captain Haddock (pictured below) who has acquired a stinky new Scottish accent.

Meanwhile, among the supporting cast, Thomson and Thompson (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, or perhaps the other way around) are beautifully adorned with bushy noses. Haddock’s old disloyal first mate, to cite just one example from the bit part player, bears an uncanny resemblance to his 2D cartoon version. Best of all is Bianca Castafiore, a Milanese nightingale with a voice that could break the thickest glass in the main scene. No professor account. (Never been a fan.)

As far as dishonesty goes, while you can admit that Tintin and Company aren’t exact simulacra of their cartoon templates, the most obvious deviations involve an expansion of the source material.

Tintin Movie

, as all Hergé scholars will attest, are actually two books grafted into one story, and a prequel.

The Adventures Of Tintin Blu Ray

. This may be enough for two entire books, but it is considered insufficient for an animated epic. So the plot is diligently stuffed like a pre-Christmas goose, and most of the padding comes in the form of action. hit him

If a little too abundant, the action sequences do bravura things. There’s a beautiful flight sequence in a seaplane running low on fuel, and a frantic motorcycle/car chase through the steep streets of a crowded Moroccan port. You don’t make it to the finale, with Haddock and his nemesis Saccharine (Daniel Craig, cheekboneless and chestless) facing each other at the controls of giant cranes on the left, like two saurians auditioning.

Suffrage Spielberg set his sights high. The beautiful scene with the sailors sleeping on the island bed is vintage Disney. The cinematic Sahara interlude is undoubtedly a nod to David Lean and the director

Other joys of the film are not only verbal and visual, it has to be said, the music: the soundtrack is essential John Williams. In addition to a mostly British cast, the writing team includes a trio of DreamWorks newcomers: Steven Moffat, the witty sitcom farce writer now known for

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. That’s quite a team of populist minds in their corner; While not very Belgian, their Britishness gives the film a real European sensibility. The script is mostly straight-forward, though one oddly manages to sneak in an under-the-radar under-the-atrocity joke: one character talks about shooting a herdsman “for breeding his cattle.”

In the Spielberg study. What they’re giving us – what will no doubt be the first of at least three Tintin movies – is Indiana Jones with a blue strawberry quiz. (Keefe walks into the ocean at one point like the animatronic star of a previous Spielberg film). In short, the greatest entertainer on the planet remade a former hero in his own image, but it’s safe to go down the drain. Not necessarily for those typhoon thunder or blisters.

The dashing young hero with a thirst for adventure is beautifully animated in a half-screen style that finds artists hiding beneath the surface of CGI drawings.

Tintin Movie

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Tintin Movie

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There’s no reason The Adventures of Tintin can’t be a treasure hunt 10 years later.

There will still be sequels. He said this at the premiere in France, and they are definitely more emotionally invested in the Belgian comic book character than the American audience. Hergé’s cartoon creation is a true global phenomenon, and while Spielberg’s film earned just $73 million domestically, its international box office managed $296 million. In the years since the film’s release, worldwide sales have only become more important to Hollywood eyes, and another film adventure for Tintin seems like a safe bet.

What took so long? Previously, Peter Jackson was always going to direct the sequel. He was a little taken aback

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Trilogy, and is currently preparing for a major documentary chronicling the horrors of the First World War. The film is expected to premiere at the BFI Film Festival in October. she can

“Peter Jackson has to do the second part. Otherwise, if all goes well, they’ll start working on the script soon. I don’t expect the film to be released for at least three years, as the animation takes two years. But Peter will stick with it. Tintin is not dead. !”

, the sequel will adapt more stories from the comics. This time, Spielberg and Jackson sing “Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun” together. The first story is about a mysterious illness that afflicts a group of explorers after returning from an expedition to the Andes. The second focuses on the kidnapping of Professor Calculus by the descendants of the Inca, along with Tintin and Captain Haddock.

Tintin Movie

While Spielberg’s original film may not garner much conversation in the current fan community, I’ll always stand for it.

The Adventures Of Tintin (2011)

. Embracing his motion capture animation, Spielberg delivers one of his best set pieces as Tintin and Captain Haddock chase the stolen scroll through the streets of Bugghar. That continuous digital footage is a thrilling and thrilling ride that showcases the best of Spielberg’s gifts (see below). The spirit of Indiana Jones did not survive

It shouldn’t be too difficult for actors to score, and it’s not like they have to worry about aging. Jamie Bell was the perfect Tintin, and we hope Andy Serkis isn’t too tired of those tight cap suits. I’m always willing to debate the validity of his particular performance, and his Captain Haddock serves up delicious, Thessian scenery-chewing. Not the most obvious choice for Best Supporting Actor, but if Jack Sparrow can get in, so can Haddock. Ridiculousness aside, Serkis’ reunion with Peter Jackson alone is enough to fuel this shock.

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