Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

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Wedding Crasher is an Indica/Sativa strain from Symbiotic Getics that can be grown indoors. Symbiotic Getics’ Wedding Crasher is a THC staple and is never available as a feminized seed.

Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

Wedding Crasher is a beautiful cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. Combining the soft vanilla of Wedding Cake with the sweet grape notes of Purple Punch, Symbiotic develops an earthy, rich flavor and aroma. of distinct gas and sweet berry aromas

Royal Queen Seeds Wedding Crasher Grow Diary (journal) Harvest13 By Oyziphar

The flowering time of this strain is 10 weeks. Most phos yields are medium/high. Cookies gave the lowest apparent photype.

Wedding Crasher from Symbiotic Getics is a competition winning strain that placed 18th in the Outdoor – Licsed category submitted by Booney Acres at the 2018 Emerald Cup!

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We found 29 direct descendants of the Wedding Crasher from Symbiotic Getics in the seedfinder stress database. Here is a brief overview. To view all hybrids and hybrids Please visit the Wedding Crasher Gealogy page and view all hybrids and offspring hybrids.

Growing 10 Wedding Crashers Clones

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Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

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Strain Review: Wedding Cake S1 By Phenofinders Seeds

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Strain Review: Wedding Crashers By Chronic Creek

For those who are well acquainted with America’s marijuana scene. They already knew the name Wedding Crasher, indicating that its genes might have had the famous wedding cake. And they’re right, because Wedding Crasher is a cross between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch from the famous Symbiotic Genetics family. Wedding Crasher is a real treat for the modern cannabis lover. The Wedding Cake strain needs no introduction. This famous hybrid with the legendary Triangle Kush and Cookie genetics is one of the most amazing strains! Its sweet but gassy taste and smell will make you want to smoke and smell this weed forever. The second division of the parent lineage includes Purple Punch, which is normally used to increase productivity, density and pouch attractiveness. However, Wedding Cake seems to dominate many phenotypes. Which makes it a truly deal-breaking deal!

Despite its soothing effect, Wedding Crasher is long-lasting and extremely energizing. and is sometimes calming if eaten in large amounts The smell of sweet gas translates perfectly to the flavor and blends with sweet fruity, skunk and vanilla notes. The Wedding Crasher’s tightly packed luggage look is also attractive. Most of them are dark green with purple tinges. The bright orange buds in a perfect crop are so dense that you’ll need a good grinder to grind them. Wedding Crasher is promoted in the California recreational marijuana market by The Jungle Boys Collective. big in the game

The wonderful combination of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch brings out many of the characteristics of the best cannabis strains. Love all the old skunks. Carbonated marijuana with intense festive effects. (the wedding cake aspect of genetics) and a new school More exotic and sweet fruity varieties. (Purple field of genetics) Somjai

Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

Growing Wedding Crashers is also a treat. Like the Purple Punch cross, these plants do their job. If you give them a lot of time during their growth, and practice appropriately low stress (They don’t mind Very resistant strains) They will branch out a lot. Normally, most phenotypes do not stretch very much during flowering. Usually in full bloom around the 9th week of flowering, if you want to be sure it will grow A few extra days should be given at the end of the flowering phase (days 65-70). Of course, many phenotypes are suitable for harvest by the end of week 8.

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In addition to its pocket appeal, aroma, and ease of cultivation, the Wedding Crasher offers many benefits for medicinal cannabis patients. Mainly for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression and other diseases.

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Please accept cookies to help us improve this site OK? Yes No More about cookies. »Let’s party! Wedding Crasher🍰 is a game that will make you want to get up and shake it up on the dance floor. And if you’re not having a wedding, no big deal: this daytime stress reliever is perfect for any event. Perfect for when you want to boost your creativity or start your day with more enthusiasm.

To create the seductive Wedding Crasher, the breeders at Royal Queen Seeds crossed the delicious Wedding Cake 🍰 with the terpene-rich Purple Punch 🍇. With a close balance between Sativa and Indica genetics (55% Sativa, 45% Indica), the result is deeply relaxing and uplifting at the same time. This premium US strain has 21% THC, which is significant.

Cresco Didn’t Disappoint With This One Would Love To Get My Hands On Seeds… Strain Slurricrasher Parents (slurricane & Wedding Crasher) Nice Sweet Smell The Purple Nugs Had Lots Of Earthy Pine Taste

Wedding Crasher’s rubbery buds exude a unique scent of grapes 🍇 and vanilla 🍦. Put her in a pot or vaporizer. And you will enjoy the soft sweet smoke 🍭 with berry flavor, Wedding Crasher’s effect is satisfying and lively. but relaxing at the same time She will instantly lift your spirits and put you in a good mood. Her positive attitude makes her a great choice for any occasion. Whether you plan to go clubbing or just want to spend some quality time with your friends.

Wedding Crasher isn’t just delicious cannabis. but also popular in the growing room as well The plants grow to about 150-180cm in shade and up to 200cm when planted in full sun. Therefore, they only need a small amount of space to develop to their full potential. in terms of productivity under ideal conditions This strain can produce up to 500 g/m2 indoors after 9-10 weeks of flowering. Great results at 600 g per plant outdoors ☀️ Ready for late October cutting.

Good taste, good performance and high productivity. What more could a marijuana grower want? Wedding Crasher is one strain you won’t want to miss. So get your seeds today! Wedding Crasher is a crazy game! Royal Queen Seeds have been very successful with quite a few genetics that I used this season. The taste of this plant is unique.

Wedding Crasher Strain Seeds

Well… there are some pests in this plant. and i got rid of it But I ended up not getting the most out of the plants. Plants grow vigorously by stealing some space from the growing room. They are easy to grow and grow a little once they start flowering. The buds are small and flexible. It has a sweet, fruity taste. The effect… relaxes the body and works great.

Haven’t Been To Curaleaf In A Hot Minute. This Was A Great Pickup Wedding Crashers 17% $35 Big Dense Buds Great Cute Nice And Sticky Great Smell I Can Definitely Smell The

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