Wedding Crasher Strain Tenzo

Wedding Crasher Strain Tenzo – Tenzo describes this product as a blend of the vanilla flavor of wedding cake with the sweet Purple Punch of grapes. The result was a strain with a soft, earthy strain with sharp fizzy reflections and a sweet berry finish. Wedding Crasher is known for its dense, icy, with a wide variety of greens and often flecks of lavender.

So how does Wedding Crasher compare to Weed Me’s wedding cake or the delicious Purple Punch by Table Top?

Wedding Crasher Strain Tenzo

Wedding Crasher Strain Tenzo

Tenzo’s Wedding Crasher came in what reminded us of a white spice style container. Pinch the cover released a strong and intimidating aroma of lemon citrus and sweet purple grapes. In the beginning, the lemon seemed to dominate the grapes, but in a few minutes this changes and the sweet grapes become more prominent.

Wedding Crasher Cannabis Strain Review

In terms of appearance, Tenzo has done a great job with this product. The shoots were all decent sized and very dense. In addition, they also presented an intriguing collage of green tones and notes of purple leaves. Finally, this is all wrapped up in a good amount of light orange hair and a very heavy blanket of trichomes that produces a fantastic product.

Given the strong smell and beautiful appearance, we expected a comparably strong flavor, but it really wasn’t. Overall the taste was disappointing with almost non-existent lemon citrus, the light purple grape taste is there but it wasn’t really ‘sweet’. Of course, it is not a smooth smoke.

Although we don’t like the taste, Tenzo’s Wedding Crasher still provided a very strong boost. Its main impact is a centered sensation throughout the body, like you’ve sweated lightly after a gentle jog followed by a strong mental fog that leaves you feeling relaxed and smooth.

Tenzo’s Wedding Crasher is a hybrid strain that smells good and looks good, but we don’t like the taste. However, this product also provided a very strong high, mainly consisting of a strong body buzz followed by a mental fog that leaves you feeling relaxed and mellow.

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My friends and I have been recreational cannabis users since high school, so we decided to start Merry Jade after legalization in 2019. We review and photograph the various products and share them on this website. The rating system we use is called “SAFETY” which stands for Smell, Look, Taste and Experience. Each category receives a point of 10. The other night, flipping through the TV, tired of looking for something new, I saw two familiar faces appearing on the screen: Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. They were talking about motorboat tactics in Wedding Crashers, and I pressed the info button on my remote to see how much was in the movie, but then I saw its release year: 2005.

I knew Wedding Crashers was old, but no older than Twitter or high school sophomores. Even sixteen years later and well into their careers, however, I would still pay money to see Vaughn and Wilson on screen together, even if it was a forced sequel. Until then, I’ll settle for the cannabis variety named after the highest yielding duo.

Wedding Crasher (or Wedding Crashers, in some stores), is a mix of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, which are two very close equivalents of Vaughn and Wilson in the weed world. Both varieties are still popular for a couple of years, and if someone told you that they were in a new project together, you stopped without seeing. And based on the box office Wedding Crasher had in Colorado dispensaries, this project was a success.

Wedding Crasher Strain Tenzo

Fruity and milky characteristics combined with old-school notes of Kush and Diesel give Wedding Crasher a balanced flavor that spans generations, and the elevated physicality packs a punch. If I’m on my feet all day Saturday, Wedding Crasher wakes me up while massaging me. When I finish work and haven’t eaten in six hours, Wedding Crasher doubles my appetite and puts me in bed before 10:30. Talk about a powerful duo!

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Wedding Crasher is on track this summer. We’ve seen the strain in A Cut Above, Cookies, Emerald Fields, Ganja Gourmet, Golden Meds, Green Dragon, Higher Grade, The Joint, Karmaceuticals, Lakeshore Cannabis, Lova, Magnolia Road, Mana Supply Company, Medicine Man, Native Roots, Oasis Cannabis, Pig ‘N’ Whistle, Silver Stem, Simply Pure, Solace Meds, Star Buds, and Unity Road, but given the reach of Veritas and the extractors working there, expect to see Wedding Crasher in other Denver stores and the rest of Colorado.

Appearance: Like its parents, Wedding Crasher grows large, dense buds in thick, oblong shapes with a thick coating of trichomes. The variety is surprisingly similar to the Wedding Cake, although it is a little brighter, with a tendency to show purple streaks.

Scent: The aroma of Wedding Crasher comes with a lot of your typical “pasty” and “frosty” notes, and the strain has some sweet aromas. However, I feel a milkier funk at the end of these fruity notes, almost like yogurt, with Kushy notes of vanilla and earth and a powerful layer of fizz covering everything.

Taste: Users are reporting grape and vanilla flavors from Wedding Crasher, and I noticed it. The smoke starts off sweet, with grape or berry flavors, depending on the cut, with a raw vanilla aftertaste accompanied by strong earthy and fizzy undertones.

One Beautiful Large Wedding Crasher Nug From Tenzo 🔥

Effects: A strong physical effect, the effects of Wedding Crasher helped with a sore neck and back without killing my energy or mental alertness, for about an hour. After that, your energy level entering the toke comes into play, because the crash hits hard if you’ve been working on little sleep…no pun intended.

Take of the home grower: “Beginners should avoid this until they are sure. They like to fill the veggie room, because you will have to start first, and not everyone trusts it. Colorado is not a terrible environment for it, however. , Because those big bods are a little susceptible to mold or mildew, another reason why you should not grow Wedding Crasher, unless you know what you are doing. However, the yields and that the taste of cupcakes are worth it.”

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Wedding Crasher Strain Tenzo

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