Wedding Singer Cast List

Wedding Singer Cast List – It’s a live music set in the 1980s. The story follows Robbie, a surprisingly failed wedding singer, and his chronic breakdown after being left behind by his ex-fiancé. However, he eventually falls in love with Julia, a waitress at one of his weddings, only to learn that she is engaged to another man. Thinking he only married her for her money, Robbie leaves his gang to find a job in the business world to win over Julia and dissuade her from marrying another man. This, of course, backfires and she is left alone, until Julia finally realizes that she is also in love with Robbie. So, in true 80s “romcom” style, they get happily married and the music ends in the best musical number with the newlyweds and their entire wedding party.

First-timer James Rosada and freshman Courtney Adcock play the main characters Robbie and Julia. There were many other notable characters who brought a whole other dimension to the music. For example, Jonathon Timpanelli plays Sam, an overweight, scruffy band member. George, an eccentric gang member, is played by Stephen Emery. Rosie was Robbie’s “young at heart” grandmother, played by Jewel Blakeslee. Linda was Robbie’s crazy ex-fiancée, played by Patience Elett. The ensemble consisted of 13 other incredibly talented performers.

Wedding Singer Cast List

Wedding Singer Cast List

It featured two acts full of classic 80’s style songs backed by a musical orchestra and full production cast and crew. The musical opened with the musical number “It’s Your Wedding Day” performed by Robbie, Sammy and George, backed by an ensemble. The song was enjoyable even with the initial health issues. It was an upbeat wedding song that was fun to listen to and made for a great dance number. The only flaw in this number was that the dancers were not yet in full character as the dance was a bit sloppy and there were a few mistakes. The biggest fail was with “A Note From Linda” as Linda had forgotten the lyrics to a large part of the song and kept humming until she bounced back. The song and Linda’s purple wig are a great example of the more rock side of the 80s. One of my favorite songs from the first act was “Pop,” Julia, Holly and Angie’s favorite song about the mystery of when Glenn is going to “pop the question.” Overall, the vocals weren’t the best as there were a few issues with the harmonies, but I liked the style and theme of the song. One of my favorite songs from the first act was “Somebody Kill Me,” Robbie’s over-dramatic response to being left in the alter. His voice was a little rough around the edges, but for someone who had never performed before, I thought he had a great voice and enjoyed the performance.

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The second act opened with “All About The Green” featuring vocals from Robbie and Glenn. I was very disappointed with the vocals on this song as it was very hard to understand Glenn which caused me to miss the lyrics a lot. Nevertheless, I like the choreography of this song and the promotional outfits. My two favorite songs from Act Two are “Single” and “Move That Thing.” “Single” is a boy’s song with vocals by Robbie and Sammy. The song is set in a bar and is clearly a boys’ night out. The physical comedy in the song was hilarious and Sammy really stole the show. “Move That Thing” featured vocals from Rosie and George, two characters we never expected to see together on the show. The song is set at a wedding where Rosie starts rapping with the help of George, and the two dance wildly on stage in a knee-slapping comic performance that was probably the highlight of the show for me.

My overall impression of the show was that it was funny, even if it didn’t make a whole lot of sense and had a larger message, and that was all it needed to be. It was fun, exciting and full of talent. Even with some minor technical difficulties and the inexperience of the main character, the show was good and I enjoyed it a lot.

I thought the performance was good; However, it would be interesting to see a performance of the same play with professional actors. Comedy can be very difficult to perform in a way that reaches all audiences, and a professional cast can do it a little more effectively than our small theater department. , a light comedy and dreamy love story. Directed by Frank Coraci and written by Tim Herlihy, the film grossed over $123 million worldwide on a budget of $18 million. Set in 1985, wannabe rock star Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) makes a living playing weddings. When Julia Sullivan (Drew Barrymore) walks into his life and everything goes right, he’s finally on his way to having his own fairy tale.

Eight years later, the film was turned into a Broadway musical of the same name. The production, with music by Matthew Sklar and lyrics by Chad Begel, was nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The film’s stars themselves are still Hollywood mainstays, although some have moved behind the scenes.

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In honor of The Wedding Singer’s 20th anniversary (the film opened in theaters on February 13, 1998), The Hollywood Reporter explains what its stars have been up to since the beloved film debuted.

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Wedding Singer Cast List

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The Hollywood Reporter is part of Penske Media Corporation. © 2023 The Hollywood Reporter, LLC. All rights reserved. It’s 1985 and rock star wannabe Robbie Hart (Eric Morris) is New Jersey’s favorite wedding singer. Backed by his tried-and-true bandmates Sammy (Patrick Hunter) and George (freshman Nathan Hottie), Robbie is the life of the party right up to his fiancee, hot siren Linda (2).

Year student Lexi Pinnata), leave it at the altar. Julia (Melissa Cotton Hunter), an attractive waitress, tries to cheer him up, and Robbie realizes that he is falling in love with Julia. Trouble is, she’s about to marry slimy Wall Street shark Glenn (freshman Jason Kimmel). When Julia and Glenn unexpectedly decide to elope, Robbie must pull off the performance of the decade or the girl of his dreams will be gone forever.

The Wedding Singer opened on Broadway in 2006 with Barn alum Stephen Lynch and was nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Actor in a Musical for Mr. Lynch. With an all-new rendition that pays loving homage to 1980s pop songs, The Wedding Singer takes us back to an era when hair was big, hair was good, collars turned upside down and a wedding singer could be the best bachelor in the world. room.


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