Whale Movie

Whale Movie – I’m a Slippery Thing, Darren Aronofsky’s latest film. And not just because of the general air of cliche that pervades this claustrophobic theatrical adaptation (although if it were possible to sweat for a camera lens, cinematographer Matthew Labatecs probably would). More so, it’s because the director pushes and pulls audiences through this story of grief and self-destruction, in which a chubby Brendan Fraser plays Charlie, a chronically obese man who belatedly tries to rebuild their relationship. With his ex-daughter.

Aronofsky challenges us to look beyond our prejudices and our pre-programmed ideas of attractiveness to find the beauty in Charlie, in the warm and enveloping melody of his speaking voice, in his poetic and passionate spirit. But at the same time, he shoots Charlie in a way that shows the irreverence of his mostly couch-based existence. The camera pans as Charlie gets back to his feet, reducing this complex and injured figure to little more than a cascade of flesh. Then there’s the airy, slightly eerie lighting and color scheme of Charlie’s living space, which looks like it was shot specifically from inside a laundry basket. The film sets out to push us away, and it often succeeds. It would be easy and attractive to remove it by hand.

Whale Movie

Whale Movie

But that would be to ignore its redeeming power – the genuinely fallen characters and the performances that inhabit them. And not just the recently Oscar-nominated Fraser, though he’s remarkable, his personal magnetism is working overtime. Hong Chow is also excellent as Liz, Charlie’s friend and caretaker, and in a searing cameo as Charlie’s ex-wife, the ever-strong Samantha Morton. , shows us how low we can go when things go wrong in life, but also our lowest when it matters most. How can he bring out the best in us?

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2022 may be over but I still think of the most moving film of the last year, which deserves its own review and analysis. Likely to be nominated for at least a few Best Actor Oscars for Brendan Fraser, “The Whale” is a powerful film about one man’s desire to try to right the wrongs of his past. Directed by Darren Aronofsky, “The Wheel” shows us how low a person can go when things go wrong in life, but also when it matters most, we’re at rock bottom. How can that bring out the best in me?

From ‘Requiem for a Dream’ to ‘The Wrestler’ to ‘Black Swan’ to ‘The Foundation’ to ‘The Foundation’, Aronofsky’s filmography deals with all kinds of flawed characters trying to right the wrongs of the past or the most meaningful way. possible way. Looking to get rid of. s) before passing the point of no return. Aronofsky captures the psychological drama and tension of every aspect of his films so brilliantly that by the end, you’ll be so emotionally affected by it all that it’s hard to comprehend what you just saw. As a director, he excels in painting a portrait of a person or people in trouble and how, despite their good intentions, they are almost too far away for redemption or a new beginning.

Unlike Aronofsky’s previous films, “The Whale” is adapted from a 2012 play of the same name, so the script is written and the way the film is set is exactly how a drama will be seen on the big screen. screen. There are few characters, the plot isn’t overly complex or convoluted, and the setting remains largely the same throughout the film.

Film critics today might dismiss the film as lacking in scale and scope in its ambitions, but I was drawn in by the beauty with which it portrays what real people living real lives can be like. “The Whale” may be film and fiction, but it depicts possibly real situations and real tragedies that some people unfortunately experience in their lives. The film tackles several real-world issues that affect people, from obesity to alcoholism to broken families, that most people can see in life and how it affects their lives. off a cliff and make recovery nearly impossible.

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“The Wheel”, as the title suggests, is about a morbidly obese man named Charlie who weighs around 600 pounds and suffers from a number of health issues due to his weight problem. He is estranged from his teenage daughter, estranged from his alcoholic wife, and unable to switch video screens as an online English teacher because his weight might affect him. His only interaction is with his friend, Liz, who is also a nurse who comes to care for Charlie especially as he nears death due to his multiple health issues and is at risk of congestive heart failure. .

Charlie becomes a tragic figure in the sense that he only left Liz in his life after losing the person he fell in love with. Because of this love, he sacrificed his marriage with his ex-wife and his relationship with his daughter. After the affair she had with her student Alan, who is also Liz’s brother, she was adopted by a family and her father who was a pastor at New Life Church. Liz managed to escape the cultural tendencies of the church but ended her life because of Alan’s church and possibly his family as well as his possible guilt over his homosexuality and his relationship with Charlie. .

This gruesome series of events punishes Charlie, and after Alan’s death, his eating disorder exacerbates his obesity and leaves him with severe depression and an inability to relate to others beyond his babysitter. and friend Liz. Charlie does not seek forgiveness from God or the church for the “sins” Ellen denied, but only forgiveness from his daughter whom he last saw when she was eight. Ellie is no longer a child but a rebellious and depressed teenager who misses her father and blames her mother, who fixes her problems by drinking a bottle of wine instead of raising her daughter better. Charlie is no saint in that he committed adultery with Ellen, forcing him to neglect his daughter Ellie and alienate his wife as well.

Whale Movie

He never made amends to cause grief and pain to both of them by his big decision. His love for Ellen eclipses his love for his daughter, whom he struggles throughout the film to win back. When New Life Church doctrine and his family’s dissatisfaction with Alan’s sexuality, Alan’s suicide made Charlie more obsessed with binge eating and further denied his relationship with his physical self. Walk or drive.

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“The Wheel” also highlights the fact that Charlie does not seek pity or forgiveness from others. He knows how his life has gotten out of control, but he hopes to do “one thing in his life” before it’s too late. She believes that even though her daughter works and despises what she has done, there is still hope for her and that she can fulfill her potential but more importantly, “be a good person”.

It may be too late for Charlie to turn Liz, his wife, and even Ellie’s despair alive, but Charlie knows redemption is possible for each of them and that even if he’s not there, he will try to leave. money for his daughter’s future, or to tell his wife that he regrets leaving her because of his affair, and that he apologizes to Liz for what he did to his adopted brother. Friendship later.

Charlie doesn’t want to escape God, religion, or himself, but he does want to know that his life through the birth of his daughter is something he understood in life and wasn’t. not there before when he needed to, he can try to make amends before he leaves the world and encourage him to be better than he is, to be better at life and to be kind to others. He may have lost hope for himself, but he never lost hope for his daughter.

Just as Charlie encourages his English students to be honest with their writing essays, he tries to be honest with Ellie about why she did what she did, how it could have happened.

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